A flexible platform 
that plays nice with others

Developer libraries

When you are a developer of BIM software like a modeler, checker or viewer, you can use our software libraries to create dynamic links between BIMcollab and the BIM model in your tool, to create, edit or lookup issues and help users with better BIM communication.

BCF file support

Integrate support for BCF version 1.0 and 2.x into your software in a simple, fast and reliable way. Focus on the issue management itself and not on the underlying XML or communication protocols: thát has been taken care of.

And you get the best we have, because we use and maintain the same libraries for our own add-ons in several BIM tools.


BuildingSMART is working on the definition of a standardized BCF–API. We are involved in the development and will include the BCF-API into BIMcollab as soon as it becomes finalized as a widely used standard.

What can and cannot be done

Our API offers functions to work with issues and comments, viewpoints, camera positions and problematic components. Our API is not meant (yet) to connect BIMcollab to project management or document management solutions.


We use a simple pricing structure for limitless distribution of licenses. Subscriptions start with € 995,- per year, depending on your marketshare and benefits for BIMcollab.

What do you get

Libraries of choice: C++ (.NET or Borland, Xcode), C# and Java (both Mac/Win). Dynamic or static libraries including documentation and examples. Source code not included.

Your application

We expect as a minimum of information in your application: the BIM tool(s) you would like to connect to BIMcollab, the size of your userbase, the number of users your extension will add to the BIMcollab user-base. Based on that we will reply with a tailor made offer. 

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