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BIMcollab ZOOM 2

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Unique smart view options and auto coloring

To simplify the application of creating smart views, we have added new options to create more generic smart views. This means that they can be used in any project out of the box or as a start to be made project specific.
Unique and unparalleled is the new auto color feature. With this option, the smart view will color-code components automatically based on selected properties, without having to specify them one-by-one. To make this even more complete a legend is generated showing values and corresponding colors for reference.
Another powerful addition is the use of wildcards or tokens in the value fields to define the format not limited to specific values.


Find differences between point clouds and IFC models

Combine point clouds with IFC file to check for deviations between ‘as built’ and ‘as designed’, and easily create issues to communicate with team members.
You can open point cloud data from common used formats like .e57 and .txt. We even support multiple scans from one file, color and intensity values, and positioning and scaling. 


Clear overview of your smart views

Organize all smart views into sets and keep a clear overview of all smart views in your projects. Every set can have a title and description for easy reference or for sharing them with your team.
You can simply drag & drop or copy smart views to any set. Smart view sets can be exported and imported individually for sharing.


Add 3D dimensions to viewpoints

Annotate issues with the 3D dimensioning tool. This new tool snaps to corners, edges and surfaces in the BIM model and intuitively adapts by measuring the perpendicular distance when needed.
Dimensions are placed very quickly and accurately. You can choose your own color, line style and endpoint type.


Document issues better with 3D texts

Document issues better with 3D text annotations to refine the communication when comments or descriptions are insufficient. 


See where you are

Locate an issue faster. For improved orientation we have added IFC space information to the floor plan. Now, next to grids and model elements, you can show space information like name, ID or area into the 3D view for reference.


Interaction on touch screens

Hold interactive BIM review meetings with large touch screens using the multi touch gestures supported. It supports not only Mac but also Windows touch devices.


Automatically connect to the right project

Save the connection with the BIMcollab project into the ZOOM project file. This way you always have direct access to your issues together with your model setup.


Support for favorites

Favorites can be used by any user to mark specific issues. These can be filtered across the entire BIMcollab platform and used in personal reviews or presentations. The favorites are personal so they are not interfering with the regular issue properties.



Customizable property display

To offer users quick access to their most used properties and to adapt ZOOM to their workflow we added the ability to define the content of the summary tab in the property panel. Next to this the information tooltip pop-up in the 3D view can display any property you want to, adjustable at your preferences.


Drag & drop functionality

Open and add IFC or point cloud files more easily. Simply drag files into ZOOM to add files to your project.

5K display support

The latest release of BIMcollab ZOOM 2 includes enhancements to perform optimally on 5K resolution displays.



BCF Managers 5


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Support for favorites

Favorites can be used by any user to mark specific issues. These can be filtered across the entire BIMcollab platform and used in personal reviews or presentations. The favorites are personal so they are not interfering with the regular issue properties.



Don't overlook issues you need to approve

In some cases there can be issues which you need to approve. The option "Include issues I have to approve" makes sure that these issues always will be visible.




For the use of BCF managers in a Citrix environment we have simplified the process to setup the licensing of the add-ons and the distribution of BCF Managers and ZOOM in Citrix based networks.



Grouped issue viewpoints

The BCF Manager for Navisworks already had an option to integrate clashes from the Clash Detective. We now improved support for multiple viewpoints in grouped clashes by adding them as separate viewpoints to the main issue.


Search in Revit ID's

In Revit there are several use cases that require the Revit ID’s of objects. Users can now access the Revit ID’s of components in viewpoints from the viewpoint info dialog. The ID’s can be copied and used in Revit specific functions.



Recreating perspective views

Revit 2019 allows for easier switching between an orthographic and a perspective view. As most model checking software document issues in perspective view, we have made it easier to re-create perspective views in Revit when zooming to a perspective viewpoint.

5K display support

The latest release of the BCF Managers 5 includes enhancements to perform optimally on 5K resolution displays.


BIMcollab new payment options




New (automatic) payment options

Users can choose for automatic and direct debit from a credit card: no monthly manual payment anymore. We also added Paypal and Ideal. Existing users need to go to their administrator's dashboard to approve direct debit from their credit card of choice.



BIMcollab 5


With this major release for the BIMcollab platform we are aiming to extend the functionality as well as improving the efficient workflow between all BIMcollab components.

 Centered around issue management we bring you more documentation options, possibility to integrate point clouds into BIM models, and give you better tools to validate BIM information. We extended functionality for creating and managing projects.

Our ultimate goal is to help our users to create the best BIM models possible, by offering a world-class intuitive workflow to get issues solved. BIMcollab for better models, better buildings.

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Mark issues as favorites

Add a favorites badge to specific issues. The favorites are personal, so they are not interfering with the regular properties of the issue. They can be used and created everywhere.
  • Quickly create an overview of issues to be discussed at review meetings or at presentations.
  • Create quick access to issues the user wants to keep track of.


Project replication for faster project setup

Replicate the setup of previous projects. With just one click the administrator or project leader copies the most important settings such as, labels, areas, and team members to create a new project setup.
  • Save time by selecting any previous project to be used as a starting point.
  • Use a ‘default’ project setup as a company template to start new projects.


Settings moved to project level

All the settings you need to start your project – like types, priorities, labels and groups- are moved from space to project level. This gives you more flexibility to customize your projects across your space.

Expanded user profiles

Grant users or project leaders the right to create new projects and add new users to the space. This:
  • Stimulates project leaders to reach out to others to collaborate.
  • Lowers the workload for the space administrator.

Compliance with privacy laws like GDPR

Privacy laws like GDPR mandate that data platforms that store user data should be able to remove that data on request. To comply with this, we now allow customers to delete users and projects from their BIMcollab space, through a recycle bin approach. The recycle bin acts as a safeguard from accidental removal, but still allows to permanently delete user data if required.