BCF Manager FAQ's

General ARCHICAD Navisworks Revit Solibri Tekla


Can I start a project in BIMcollab from the BCF Manager?
Why do I get a warning of more than 25.000 components when I zoom to?
The camera position differs from the preview, how to proceed?
What issue properties can I add/modify in the BCF Manager?
Why is there a warning of more than 10.000 components when I create an issue?


Why are some components not found, while they are in my ARCHICAD Model?
Why isn't the BCF Manager opening in my saved work environment?


Should I create issues from the Clash Detective or Saved Viewpoints?
Why are my issues and IFC models not aligned correctly in Navisworks?
Why are not all buttons and check boxes visible in the BCF Manager in Navisworks?
Why are the colors not the same as in other BIM applications?
Why are viewpoint colors not the same when I zoom to issues in Navisworks?
Why do I loose my section box when creating issues in Navisworks?
Why do issues have section planes when they are disabled in Navisworks?
Why do my imported clashes look different in BIMcollab?
Why is the viewpoint in an issue different from the clash result I selected to create it?


Why can't I see the entire BCF Managers’ dialog in the Revit interface?


After importing a BCFzip file or synchronization to BIMcollab I get empty snapshots.
Why are all modifications on my name after publishing a Solibri presentation?
Why does the issue numbering in Solibri differ from BIMcollab?
Why are my Issue’s slides in the wrong order?
Why are viewpoint components missing after an import?
Why do I still see old team member names in Solibri?
Why is issue-status in Solibri changed after synchronization to BIMcollab?
Why was my issue data overwritten by SMC?
Why don’t I see selected/colored components in other BIM tools?


Why are components not stored in a viewpoint?
Why are components that are visible not stored when I create an issue?