Cloud release

New! May release of BIMcollab Nexus

In our continuous efforts to add more value to our products, we released a new version of BIMcollab Nexus this month. Continue reading to learn more about the increased security in all plans and improved model loading in Autodesk Docs with 50%.

Security update

As the safety of your data is our top priority, we once again increased the security level significantly by:

  • Enforcing complex passwords with a minimum of 10 characters
  • Two-Factor Authentication available for all users
  • Enforce usage of Two-Factor Authentication in Connected plans and up
  • Enforce a reset password policy in Connected plans and up

Easy user management

  • Single sign-on capability added via Azure Active Directory in Enterprise plans
  • Ability to download User Access logs in Enterprise plans

Usability improvements

Many users will appreciate these improvements in our usability:

  • Multi-value filters
  • Select visible columns in issue list
  • Improved search functionality

Improvements Model Viewer Integration

We’ve increased the model loading time in Autodesk Docs with 50% for one or more large models. For smaller models the increase is around 15%. A mayor time-saver when driving model quality. On top of that, users can now select which models are visible and project leaders can filter out unwanted file types.

Check the offical release notes for BIMcollab Nexus, BIMcollab Zoom or our BCF Managers. Make sure to download the latest version to enable all new features and improvements. We hope you enjoy this new version.

Coming soon: Smart Properties

BIMcollab Zoom will change the model validation landscape by introducing Smart Properties as of June 9th. Sign up for our launch event now.