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How Zaha Hadid Architects transformed their BIM coordination using BIMcollab

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) and Oslo-based A-Lab have been involved in the design of two stations for a new metro line in the Norwegian capital. The Fornebubanen metro line will be a five-mile sub-surface route connecting a new neighbourhood on Oslo’s Fornebu peninsula with the city center. 

For the Fornebu station (FBU), together with FOB Oslo Kommune, A_LAB, and PGF (a joint venture between COWI AS and Multiconsult), Zaha Hadid Architects have been using BIMcollab Nexus since the early stage of the design. Zrinka Radic, Architectural Designer at Zaha Hadid, emphasizes that by using BIMcollab Nexus, the company can fully collaborate with FOB Oslo Kommune, their client, also with local architects A_LAB and consultants PGF. 

Managing a complex project

The Fornebu station (FBU) project is complex. As Zrinka Radic empahsizes: “Due to the complex nature of the project, with many disciplines involved, managing issues in a traditional way would have been significantly more difficult and time-consuming“. Hence, a BIM collaboration platform such as BIMcollab Nexus offers a solution.

Efficient BIM coordination with Nexus

The Fornebu station project team uses BIMcollab Nexus in their BIM coordination meetings and internal design reviews. Furthermore, thanks to the integration of BCF Managers, team members can share and open issues directly in their authoring software, regardless of which platform a certain team is using; Revit, Civil 3D, Tekla, and so on. As Zrinka Radic says:

With Nexus, design issues get assigned to a team or a specific team member, and the issues’ status can be easily tracked. This means more accountability of the recipient, resulting in faster solving and more coordinated design solutions. 

The BIM coordination process that Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) used in the past often involved creating viewpoints in Navisworks and sharing them in the form of a PDF or an email. This led to a long, tedious, and generally inefficient workflow, with the additional risk of losing track of unresolved items. That is exactly why BIMcollab Nexus was implemented. According to Zrinka Radic, BIMcollab Nexus has improved the efficiency of their projects significantly:

The possibility to quickly create, discuss, and document issues makes the process exceptionally efficient. It would be difficult to start a new project without BIMcollab on your side!

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