solving model validation challenges

Webinar | Solving model validation challenges with BIMcollab Zoom

With the newly released version of BIMcollab Zoom, brand new solutions to common challenges are available. From running automated nightly checks to well documented issues throughout the project. BIMcollab Zoom provides traceability for all clashes assigned to issues. The innovative Smart Issues can re-check and update themselves with every new model revision. They also prevent duplicate clash reporting. Additionally, you can create and manage rule-based Lists that generate key data from the federated model. These can be shared effortlessly with project members via BIMcollab Nexus or even in Power BI dashboards.

The following topics will be covered in this recorded webinar:

  • Rule based approach for checking requirements, clash detection and data extraction
  • Automated checking, validating and documenting of issues found
  • Clear visualization of clash results including progress tracking
  • Saving projects from duplicate clash reporting
  • Pushing model data to the cloud and Power BI dashboards
  • Upcoming improvements to BIMcollab Zoom workflows

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