BCF Managers

Next Generation BCF Managers

New interface with issue snapshots

BCF Managers for all BIM tools

The BCF Managers enable you to create, filter and lookup issues within your BIM model. Save and load issues with BCF files or synchronize them to BIMcollab. Share issues with team members whether they are working with the same or different BIM tools. 

Start in model checking-, clash detection- or validating BIM software (like Solibri, Navisworks, BIMsight or BIMcollab ZOOM) and lookup issues to solve in BIM modeling tools like ARCHICAD, Revit and Tekla Structures. Review solutions, follow mark-ups, or provide feedback.

All features of BIMcollab are supported in the BCF Managers, like private issues, notify, approval-workflow, filtering, etc.

Efficient interface

The interface offers you more information about the issues in one clear overview, as list or resizable tiles. When creating or editing issues all issue properties can be accessed. A transparent way of connecting to the BIMcollab cloud to filter and review issues you have to work on. Synchronize your work in one single click. 

Section box-functionality right from the issue-panel makes you more productive when identifying and dealing with issues.

Camera positioning

Finding the location of issues in your model is an essential part of the system. Camera positioning is better then ever and even takes into account the possibilities with different coordinate systems, like survey points in Revit. Component highlighting is improved and a Quick zoom helps working with very big models.


High performance

Speed is essential when dealing with large models and large numbers of issues. Connecting, downloading and publishing issues is unmatched fast due to the improved background loading and smart caching. Automatic notifications for potentially slow viewpoints prevent you from creating bottlenecks.


Use and update from Navisworks clash results

The BCF Manager for Navisworks allows you to generate issues from saved viewpoints ánd clash results. You can select single or grouped clashes, or even multiple clash tests to generate isues from. Issues remain linked to the Navisworks clashes so when rerunning a clash test on new models, issues in BIMcollab can be automatically updated with the resolved or closed status of solved clashes.

Working in shared projects with multiple users (like in Revit) is supported.


"Navisworks and BIMcollab BCF manager work brilliantly together"

Michael Hudson on twitter

Shared coordinates and survey points

Another great feature is the support for moved ánd rotated survey points for both Revit and Navisworks in projects with shared coordinate systems. Watch the webinar about BIMcollab with Navisworks >

Merge BCF files

To combine BCF files, use the smart merging of BIMcollab for comments in the right order and a history log of the work done. Use the BCF Managers to preview BCF files or to filter issues before uploading them to BIMcollab.

Connect to BIMcollab

Use the BCF Managers to connect to BIMcollab and you will experience up-to-date information and fast communication. It speeds up the process and improves the reliability of your issue management. It bridges the gap between BIM tools.

Issues on 2D documents

Create issues in 2D floor plans, sections, elevations and detail drawings. Even create issues within your 3D model. They are easily located because every issue automatically opens the right drawing, zoom and view in your BIM model. Use this functionality for BIM tools that include 2D documents like Revit and ARCHICAD.