Get your BIM software connected
How to connect your software to BIMcollab

Isn't your BIM software supporting BIMcollab yet?

We released a toolkit (SDK) for easy, seamless integration of  BCF and the BIMcollab issue tracking workflow into any BIM software. This means that BIMcollab's issue-management platform can be connected to all your favorite BIM-tools like modeling, viewing, cost estimating, planning and more.

BIMcollab’s new Software Development Kit (SDK) is a quick, efficient way for third party-developers to integrate BCF support as well as a connection to online issue management to their BIM-tool. It allows for BIMcollab's market-leading issue-management platform to be integrated easily in BIM-tools for modeling, viewing, cost estimating, planning and more.


How to get your software connected?

STEP 1. Check if your software is suitable for a connection with BIMcollab. Your software must:
  • Support IFC files
  • Run on Windows 7 or higher
Contact your BIM vendor. We created a example e-mail for you. You can use it here.
STEP 3. When the vendor contacted us we support him in creating a live connection (a BCF Manager) with our BIM issue tracking.

Please contact our support if you have any questions.