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Developer SDK

When you are a developer of BIM software like a modeler, checker or viewer, or even BIM based software for cost estimation, planning, you can use our SDK with software libraries to create dynamic links between BIMcollab and the BIM model in your tool. The full GUI is included so all features of BIMcollab are supported in the right way right away and help your users with better BIM communication.
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BCF file support

Integrate support for BCF version 1.0 and 2.x into your software in a simple, fast and reliable way. Focus on the connection to the model in your software; we do the issue-management and the underlying XML or communication protocols: thát has been taken care of.

And you get the best we have, because we use and maintain the same libraries for our own set of add-ons.

BIMcollab connection and BCF-API

Included in the SDK is of course the option to connect to BImcollab for integratied, cloud-based issue management. Next to this BuildingSMART is working on the definition of a standardized BCF–API. We are involved in the development and will include the BCF-API into BIMcollab as soon as it becomes accepted as standard.

What can and cannot be done

The SDK is based on C# with GUI included. Of course documentation and demo-project is included to get you started. All you have to do is to embed it in your software and fill in the functions to lookup/retreive components, set/get camera position and grab a snapshot of the 3D window.

The SDK is not (yet) meant to connect BIMcollab to cloud-based project management or document management solutions. We do offer low level C#, Java and C++ libraries but they demand much more work to get things done. Send your application below for more information.

Free development space included

Part of the SDK is a development space of BIMcollab where you can connect to, to test your application. During the development you cannot connect to public end-user spaces. Before we allow you to connect to those spaces your BCF manager needs to be approved by us so we can keep an eye on the quality of the ecosystem.

Approval proces

When you are ready with the development you have to submit your BCF Manager for approval. We will check your BCF manager to see if all necessary functionality is present. After approval we will set your BCF manager to be able to connect to all end user spaces and you can start distributing.

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