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integrations and customization

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With the new BIMcollab, users can add custom fields in the way they need it. Add dropdown lists or just simple text fields and make them mandatory or leave them open. YOU decide on the workflow.

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Autodesk BIM360 integration

Connecting BIM teams

The Autodesk BIM360 integration provides BIM teams access to models stored in BIM 360 Docs, directly from the BIMcollab web application. Team members can review the federated model, create issues or review existing issues without the need for uploading files to a secondary repository or installing a model viewer.

Models used in screenshots: Triodos Bank, a project by Triodos Bank & EDGE Technologies. Provided by J.P. van Eesteren

New in BIMcollab

  • Introduction of different plans
    with different feature sets
  • Custom fields: dropdown lists
    and text fields
  • Filter on custom fields
  • Mandatory fields: define per issue-property which is obligatory
  • Graphs comparing multiple projects

BIM360 integration

  • Connect your BIMcollab space to
    a BIM360 account
  • Define which project is connected
    to which models
  • Manage access to the 3D View per team member
  • Lookup, create and verify issues in the context of the 3D model

Power BI connector

  • Basic issue data also available
    on Starter plan

  • For Connected and up:

  • More activity data available
  • Custom fields for Power BI data
  • Download multiple projects at once 

Other improvements

  • Printable PDF reports without grey background
  • Larges snapshots on PDF reports
  • Combine graphs with issue-lists in PDF reports
  • Auto-grow of description and comments for large content

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