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Centralize BIM issues where everyone can access them. No numerous file versions, but a single source of truth. Attach comments, viewpoints, statuses and more. No more clutter.

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Work with up to date, real-time statuses. Nothing worse than wasting time on outdated issues, while overlooking the ones that matter today. No more inefficiency.


Stop issues from getting lost or worse

Assign, track and share issues in a safe and reliable way. Managing issues via email, spreadsheets or sticky notes is sensitive to loss or even theft. No more
unnecessary risks.
AECOM uses BIMcollab
           AECOM Aitor Chavarri

AECOM, ranked as Number 1 Global Design Firm:

" With BIMcollab we can manage a large number of issues and clashes, especially for teams working on different locations. "

Aitor Chavarri
Architect, Kuwait International Airport BIM Manager, AECOM

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Issue tracking and importing

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