Instructional videos available in other languages Instructional videos available in other languages

Here at BIMcollab we always strive to provide a service which is both easy to use and intuitive. To get our international users up and running even faster we started to provide a number of informative video tutorials in other languages. Many videos have been recently updated and are now available in English, German and Dutch. Watch them here >
NEW: BCF Manager for simplebim 5.1 NEW: BCF Manager for simplebim 5.1

Since the release of simplebim 5.0, our BCF Managers have been an integrated part of the installation thereby providing simplebim users with immediate access to BIMcollab’s issue management capabilities. Now with the release of simplebim 5.1, users have access to latest version of the BCF Manager and the many improvements it contains. Read more about our BCF Managers >
Webinar: Master your BIMcollab workflow Webinar: Master your BIMcollab workflow

If you haven’t done so yet, you can still register for our interactive webinar "Master your BIMcollab workflow" on September 6th, 2016. Our BIMcollab product manager will teach you the possibilities of issue management for BIM and show you the main functionalities of BIMcollab and all of our BCF Managers. Save your webinar seat >
Also we will soon be accepting registrations for our new webinar BIMcollab & Solibri Model Checker which will be held on September 22nd, 2016 so save some space in your calendar.
Working with special characters Working with special characters

Although BIMcollab is designed to work with many languages and character sets there are situations where special care needs to be taken to ensure that special characters are managed correctly. We added some FAQ entries to help you deal with these situations.
BIMcollab user group for sharing knowlegde BIMcollab user group for sharing knowlegde

Sharing experiences and discussing different workflows is very valuable. Therefore we created a BIMcollab user group on LinkedIn. This group is intended for BIMcollab and BCF Manager related discusions, but you can also share or ask about more general topics like issue management. We invite you to join the BIMcollab user group and start sharing knowlegde. Join BIMcollab user group >
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