Working together on a shared Revit model Working together on a shared Revit model

Many teams make use of Revit’s model sharing capabilities to allow designers to work simultaneously on the same model. The latest version of the BIMcollab BCF Managers enables users to do the same when reviewing and fixing issues. By setting the “View Name Extension” in your BCF Manager you can ensure that every team member has his/her own unique view in which to work in. More BCF Manager tips can be found in our FAQ section
BIMcollab and the BIM Equity BIM Workflow Guide BIMcollab and the BIM Equity BIM Workflow Guide

In BIM Equity's 4 part “BIM Workflow Guide” they explain the need for good issue management with BIMcollab in any OpenBIM project. Thomas Graabæk of BIM Equity says: "Our customers tell us, that managing issues with BIMcollab provides better value to the project than model based quality assurance in it self. Others say BIMcollab is the best way of communication between a group of Revit users within a project team. In our point of view the combination of BIMcollab and Solibri Model Checker is the strongest solution to guarantee high quality for the AEC industry.”  Read more >
Moving your License Moving your License

All BIMcollab BCF Managers must be activated using your personal activation key. The activation is then linked to the computer where the BCF Manager was installed on. But what to do if you have replaced your old system for a new one? You will need to contact our support staff. You can contact them either via email or using our online chat system and they will be happy to get you up and running. Find BIMcollab support here >
Join over 10.000 satisfied users worldwide Join over 10.000 satisfied users worldwide

Our BIMcollab customer base keeps growing. From small companies with mid-size projects to large international companies with big projects. Also numerous educational institutes use BIMcollab in their curriculum. Check out our selection of BIMcollab user worldwide and join them. Read more >
New: simplebim 6.0 with BIMcollab inside New: simplebim 6.0 with BIMcollab inside

Datacubist has recently released simplebim 6.0. And as customers have come to expect, the latest BIMcollab BCF Manager is included right out of the box. Users will be able to immediately connect to their BIMcollab space, add new issues to your project as well as manage existing ones. Read more about the latest simplebim release >
Webinar: Creating reports in BIMcollab Webinar: Creating reports in BIMcollab

Join our product manager who will present an in-depth look at the various reporting options provided by BIMcollab. This will include working with BCF files, PDF files and Microsoft Excel. The webinar will be held on Tuesday, February 14th at 10am CET and Wednesday, February 15th at 4pm CET. Save your seat today >
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