"BIMcollab is the ideal tool to discuss current issues" "BIMcollab is the ideal tool to discuss current issues"

Sien van der Have, BIM manager at Kumpen: "The best thing about BIMcollab is that all the issues, comments and history are in one place. Before, issues got lost in the mail and forgotten about. In BIMcollab it is easy to filter the issues assigned to yourself with all the information you need in the issue itself.” Read more >
Finding components in Revit Finding components in Revit

When you zoom to a clash in Revit some components may not be shown. This is often because the Revit API does not allow plugins to search for and find components located in linked models. The solution is simple. Click on the “create sectionbox” button and a sectioning box will be drawn around the components found in the issue. This will also make the surrounding components visible including those in the linked files. To learn more about working with viewpoints, read the FAQ >
Models misaligned in Navisworks Models misaligned in Navisworks

Navisworks is a great tool which lets you perform a visual inspection of your federated model and perform clash detections to find issues. These issues can then be easily managed using BIMcollab and our BCF Manager. Users of the latest version of Navisworks may have experienced that their IFC models are no longer aligned. This is caused by a new feature in Navisworks which optimizes the loading process for IFC files from Revit. Read how to resolve this in the Navisworks FAQ >
Did you already experience BIMcollab ZOOM? Did you already experience BIMcollab ZOOM?

BIMcollab ZOOM is more than just a model viewer for creating a federated model from multiple IFC files to analyze the data in the models, with the help of smart filtering and color-coding against an IDM (Information Delivery Manual). It also offers a direct connection to BIMcollab for clear and easy discussing issues during design or construction BIM coordination meetings. Now you can download the latest public beta for free, and give us your feedback. Read more >
Learn more about BIMcollab in our webinar Learn more about BIMcollab in our webinar

Learn how to master your BIMcollab® workflow during this webinar. We will show you the possibilities of issue management for BIM in general, teach you the main functionalities of BIMcollab & all BCF Managers and how to integrate these tools in your BIM workflow. You can ask questions at the end of the webinar, our BIMcollab experts are glad to help. Read more >
The Tuesday tech talks teach you how it works The Tuesday tech talks teach you how it works

Tomorrow we will start again with the Tuesday tech talks. Every Tuesday we give a short webinar about certain actions in BIMcollab. The topics for September and October are online, so you can sign up immediately. View the upcoming topics >
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