Welcoming Tekla Structures 2016 Welcoming Tekla Structures 2016

With the recent addition of a new BCF Manager, we proudly welcome yet another member to the family: Tekla Structures 2016. Like our other BCF Managers it supports opening/saving BCF files and connecting to all BIMcollab® spaces including join.bimcollab.com. Issues found in model checkers can be communicated through BIMcollab® and then reviewed directly in Tekla Structures. Download >
Update BIMcollab spaces Update BIMcollab spaces

We are in the process of updating all BIMcollab spaces and join.bimcollab.com. This update provides our users with small number of bugfixes as well as some fine tuning to smoothen the workflow. The feedback we receive from our users is very useful and helps us to keep improving the BIMcollab ecosystem. So get online and join over 5.000 others in mastering your issue management with BIMcollab. Join >
Can I import an issue list? Can I import an issue list?

Yes, you can import an BCFzip file or an Excel / Numbers / Google Sheets file. When you already have a file for a running project and want to join BIMcollab, simply import the issue list via the Import page. Read more >
How do I connect the BCF Manager to BIMcollab? How do I connect the BCF Manager to BIMcollab?

You need an account on a BIMcollab space (you can be invited by a project leader or create your own free account on join.bimcollab.com to make a connection). Type the address of the space you want to connect to, give your credentials (the same as on the website) and choose the 'Connect' button. Read more >
BCF Managers available in Autodesk App Store BCF Managers available in Autodesk App Store

Both BCF Managers for Revit and Navisworks are also available in the Autodesk App Store, including the 2017-version. You can download them for free. Download >
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