ZOOM Pro for model validation


My company has no BIMcollab Cloud

Then you can purchase single licenses linked to an email address here on the right. You don't need to have a BIMcollab cloud: you can start right away. If your company might purchase a BIMcollab cloud later: no problem. We will add all single user licenses to the company space for flexible license management.

BIMcollab ZOOM Pro


My company has BIMcollab Cloud

Then it's best to ask your administrator to add ZOOM Pro licenses to the space. Pricing is the same as here, but licenses are flexible assignable to multiple users or even via license pools in Connected and Enterprise plans.

Read here how to add a ZOOM Pro license to your space >



ZOOM free versus Pro






Model Viewing

Fast loading of IFC files, IFC4 support 
Load pointclouds E57
Federated model setup and sharing
Smart view creation, using and sharing
Annotations like text, dimensioning, arrows, lines and stamp tool for property visualization
Clipping planes/box, auto-floorplan,
Open external documents linked in IFC files
Support for reinforcement properties

Issue management

Create and manage issues (full BIMcollab support)
Connect to other CDE's and issue management systems via BCF-API -  (beta)

Clash detection

Run demo clash rules by connecting to demo project on JOIN
Clash detection, setup and share clash rules -
Different ways to visualize clashes -
Clash grouping in by type, story, grid, etc. -
Batch generation of issues -

Data extraction

Quantity listing and property counting -
Export information to Excel  -

ZOOM and BIMcollab spaces

Connect to BIMcollab spaces for issue management
Share Smart views between ZOOM users
Share Clash rules for clash detection in ZOOM Pro -
ZOOM Pro license management, license borrowing n/a
Multiple license pools for flexible license management n/a
Free ZOOM Pro licenses in Starter Plan n/a max 1
Free ZOOM Pro licenses in Connected Plan n/a max 3

 = supported in plan      = in beta/planned   - = not supported in plan
Contact sales for a quote for the on-premise version

Want a quote before you order?

For example to have it signed by others in your company? No problem. Before final confirmation you can print a quote or send it to another person for signing. Your order is automatically saved and can be confirmed later any time you want.

Free for education

All educational institutes can use every product in the BIMcollab ecosystem for free in their BIM classes. Just mail to sales@bimcollab.com and we'll set you up.

Free support via e-mail or live chat

We give direct support during office hours (European time zone) via live chat to help you step by step or by email within a working day.

How fast can I start?

When you purchase ZOOM Pro licenses via your space administration dashboard they will be immediately available for usage. You can directly add them to license pools or assign them to users.

If you purchase single licenses not linked ot a space, it is a matter of a few European office hours to get you up and running.