Issue management

OpenBIM and/or internal teamwork explained

Easy workflow in any issue-management process

Easy workflow in any issue-management process

You can use our BCF Managers in any situation where issue management for BIM is needed. Whether it is BCF file based or synchronized into a cloud server like BIMcollab Cloud.

We support multidisciplinary teamwork by offering BCF Managers for all recent versions of Revit, ARCHICAD, Navisworks, Solibri Model Checker, Tekla Structures, simplebim, and more to follow. Combined with the native support for BCF in many other tools like BIMsight, DDS, MagiCAD, etc your whole team can easlily switch to BCF based issue management.

How to exchange issues


Report issues

Keep the BCF Manager always at hand when working on a model in Revit, Tekla or ARCHICAD, so you can make notes and create 2D and 3D issues. Stop sending e-mails about issues to team members, just assign these to them.

Save the issues

Synchronize issues to BIMcollab Cloud or save them as a BCF file to send to team members. Use the issue list in team review meetings to discuss the issues just by opening the Cloud website.

Resolve and comment...

Fix the issue, document your changes, and set the status to ‘Resolved.’ If someone else is responsible, assign the issue to that person to approve and close the issues. Synchronize changes to BIMcollab or save them to a BCF file.

...or create new issues

Add new issues, with just one click, from a 3D view, 2D document or detail. Add a comment and assign it to the one of your team members or yourself.

Issues in your BIM modeler

Everybody can synchronize issues in their modeling software and work on issues by easily filtering only their assignment. Or use the BCF Managers to open BCF reports and see the issues you need to work on.

Upload and merge BCF files

To support a BCF file based workflow you can upload and merge BCF files to BIMcollab Cloud. No comment or issue needs to get lost.
OPEN BIM in action

Move from a file-based to an online workflow

Drawbacks of a file-based workflow 

When sending BCF files to multiple team members you can also receive back multiple BCF files. How do you deal with all this information? Split files per team member up front? A lot of work.

Which issue is saved in which file?

How do you know which issue is solved in which BCF file. Or even worse: the same issue can be commented in two different BCF files. Merging the information is needed to prevent time consuming search and compare. 

Merge or convert BCF files for free 

On you can create a free account to merge BCF files. Export all issues in a project as a new BCF, XLS or PDF file to share with your team members.

Or move your workflow to the cloud

A better solution is to invite team members so they can connect  directly to your projects on They can see and filter the issues they have to work on. And the best of this is that  all BCF Managers can connect directly to BIMcollab Cloud as well.