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Why start with a Connected Plan

If you want to get the most out of BIM issue management, then you need the Connected plan. Next to several extra features making issue management significantly easier, it comes with more workflow settings and powerful 3rd party integrations.


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Workflow customizations

With a Connected Plan you can work with user groups. You can consider these as 'subteams' in a project. User groups can be used to define to whom one can assign issues to, or who can see your confidential issues.

Custom -and mandatory fields
Custom fields allow you to define extra fields for issues. And with the mandatory option you can define which properties your team members have to define before being able to save an issue.

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Approval workflow
A really unique feature of BIMcollab Cloud and part of your Connected Plan is the approval workflow: define per issue which team members need to approve a resolution before the issue can be closed.


Autodesk BIM360 integration

BIM 360 Docs integration

We offer integrations with existing CDE’s or project management systems to prevent having to upload models twice. The first one of these integrations is BIM 360 Docs. Your models in BIM 360 Docs can be viewed directly in BIMcollab Cloud, enabling an easy way of creating and looking up issues.

Dropbox and Trimble Connect integrations are on their way and more will follow.


BIM issue data power BI

Reporting on multiple projects

Analyzing data from multiple projects can be hassle. Not with the Connected Plan! It offers you graphs combining multiple projects. In addition, the Power BI connector gives access to activity data and full data retrieval for multiple projects at once. This is essential when you want to do multi-project analysis, like visualizing partner engagement or more.

Extra benefit:
In a Connected plan you can combine graphs and issue-lists in one pdf report. A small, but time-saving feature.

ZOOM Pro license pools

In Connected Plans you’ll get up to 3 free ZOOM Pro licenses. One for every 25 users. You'll have access to multiple license pools for managing your ZOOM Pro licenses. Not only to give licenses to your teams, but also to assign licenses temporarily to externals.

You can easily oblidge model validation from 3rd party modelers before sending in their models: even if they don’t own model checking software!
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