DDS-CAD & BIMcollab

By connecting DDS-CAD to a BIMcollab project users can participate in effective BIM workflows across the entire design phase. Once connected, users can lookup issues found in model checkers, create and share issues and create a clear overview of issues to solve.


Lookup issues found in model checkers

Sync with BIMcollab and just double-click to zoom immediately to issues which you have to solve directly within DDS-CAD.

Create an overview of issues to solve

Filter issues based on issue properties such
as Type, Milestone and 'Assigned to' etc. Including issues assigned to you which you need to solve or approve.

Create and share issues

Eliminate time consuming emails, calls and meeting to notify team members of issues which surface when working in your models in DDS-CAD. Create issues with a single click, add comments and assign team members to found issues.


This integration requires

  • DDS-CAD 14 (Service Update 2 (build 5/4-2019))
  • A BIMcollab account