MagiCAD & BIMcollab

By connecting MagiCAD to BIMcollab, users can participate in effective BIM issue management for better communication in the design phase. Once connected, users can lookup issues assigned to them, comment, create and share issues or get a clear overview of issues to solve.

Download MagiCAD BCF Manager  
MagiCAD BCF Manager screenshot

Lookup issues found in model checkers

Sync with BIMcollab and receive issues found in Navisworks or Solibri. Filter on issue attributes or use text-search to find issues assigned to you. Or just double-click to navigate directly to the location in the MagiCAD model.

BCF Manager MagiCAD edit dialog


Communicate via the cloud

Have issues approved by your manager, team members or customers. Notify team members of any changes you made. It’s just one click to synchronize to the cloud to inform anyone you want.
MagiCD BCF Manager screenshot

Comment, create and share issues

Eliminate time consuming emails, calls and meetings. Create issues with a single click, add comments, Areas, Labels and assign them to team members.

Manage issues in the cloud

Get started with BCF Manager for MagiCAD and connect to BIMcollab issue management