Smart views for
BIM requirements

Powerful data validation

Smart views are filters to dynamically show and color-code components based on their properties and quickly gain insight in the quality of the information in your BIM model. When the results of a smart view identify a problem, the creation of issues is close at hand.

Quality information BIM model   Quality information BIM model   Firerating BIM model validation
Space functions   MEP data   Firerating classified
Sharing IFC smart views

Models used in screenshots: Triodos Bank, a project by Triodos Bank & EDGE Technologies. Provided by J.P. van Eesteren

Share smart views
Set requirements

Smart views can be easily shared with team members via BIMcollab. The rules define what to check and a descriptions helps to document the purpose and application. The same applies to your clash rules.

This way you can easily ask 3rd party team members to pre-check their models against these BIM requirements before sending to the team.
You can define smart views to be project specific or project independent. It's up to you.

"ZOOM brings powerful view filters, shareable via BIMcollab"

Stefan Boeykens, D-studio / Guest Professor KU Leuven, BE
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Clear overview with drag & drop

Organize smart views into sets to keep a clear overview. Every set can have a title and description for easy reference.
Simply drag & drop to move smart views to any set. By dragging smart views to an online set you already start sharing them; it's that easy !

IFC smart views overview

Easily create insightful smart views

Just select the elements and properties you want to filter and define the action you want: hide, add, color, set transparent or even auto color. Options to include or exclude elements, logical AND, and functions to copy lines makes working on smart views easy for every one. No learning invloved.

For buildin generic smart views you can use filters that automatically read the different values in the model to auto-colorthem. This way the smart views are not only very powerfull to vizualize data but also less project specific and useable in many projects. We help you with examples included in BIMcollab ZOOM or more on our download pages.
IFC smart views BIM Model

Special purpose smart views

We provide smart views sets for special purposes. Using these sets you can visually perform material analysis, object classification, or check against Basic IDM. 

BIM basis ILS (NL) Basic IDM (Int)
BIM ILH Grundlagen (DE) Madaster

Check out more on the ZOOM download page >

IFC model auto coloring

Unique auto-coloring feature

Unique and unparalleled is the auto color feature. With this option, you can color-code components automatically based on selected properties, without having to specify them one-by-one. Use wild-cards or tokens to go beyond limited formatting of values.

To make this even more complete a legend is generated showing values and corresponding colors for reference, counting and vizualizing.