Why BIMcollab ZOOM?



Model validation was never this easy

The most easy way to validate model quality is with powerful tools helping visual check-ups. BIMcollab ZOOM is offering best in class features for exactly this. It is a very fast model viewer for opening any number of IFC-files and includes smart ways to help the user to find and visualize information flaws.
The unique smart view feature can filter and color objects to check or can be used to automatically classify and color-code the model by any property.

Last but not least: these smart views (and clash rules) can be shared with team members via BIMcollab Cloud to enforce BIM requirements.

Models used in screenshots: Triodos Bank, a project by Triodos Bank & EDGE Technologies. Provided by J.P. van Eesteren

Integrated issue management

Integrated BIM issue management is essential to create high quality BIM data. For a smooth issue management process it is essential that the entire project team is able to view all project related models and lookup issues to discuss, evaluate and approve. Also it is essential for the speed of cooperation that such viewer is fully integrated in the communication process of issues. ZOOM  supports all of BIMcollab Coud’s features and offers access to up-to-date information in the cloud.

And that is exactly what BIMcollab ZOOM is doing much better then any model viewer available.
Integrierte Issueverwaltung
BIM in the cloud

Information in the cloud

Cloud based systems are essential for sharing information and working together on models and issues. To be cloud based does not mean that all functionality needs to be browser based. For managing large (federated) models we believe that the user experience in a desktop-application is still so much better than in a browser environment.
Essential information runs in the cloud. BIMcollab ZOOM cooperates with any documentmanagement system to share project-setups and model-files. This way users can keep using their preferred file sharing workflow wether it is Dropbox or a more advanced system. Additionally ZOOM reads and synchronizes all issue information directly from the BIMcollab cloud: that’s fast, easy, and always up-to-date.

Works side by side with others

Clashes or other checking results found with the strong tools in Solibri or Navisworks can be published to the BIMcollab cloud with the help of BCF Managers. Team members without access to these expensive BIM tools can download BIMcollab ZOOM for free, open the project's IFC files and connect to the BIMcollab project. The issues can be easily looked up in the model and commented, assigned to a responsible team member or marked as approved.
ZOOM is also the perfect tool to discuss issues in design review meetings within the context of discipline models. ZOOM also helps to analyse data to find design flaws and to verify solutions.
Model checking Solibri   Design review meetings   Issues generated from clash detective in Navisworks
Issues from Model checking results in Solibri   Design Review meetings about Issues with ZOOM   Issues generated from Clash detective in Navisworks
Keine Offline- oder verborgenen Issuedaten


Prevents offline or hidden issue data

The power of BIMcollab with ZOOM is that it serves the constant need of all team members to access the latest issue information without opening heavy BIM tools. To guarantee this we recommend to synchronize issues directly to the cloud when they are created or updated in Model Checking or Clash detection software. Failing to do so creates offline data being out of sync or hidden in native BIM tools. That limits the team's information sharing and therefor their productivity.