BIMcollab ZOOM 3.2

What's new

Faster, structured and
customizable issue-management




Custom and mandatory fields

Custom and mandatory field are now available in ZOOM for BIM managers who require more strict workflows in their projects beyond the BCF standard. By defining your own properties and making them mandatory, you are guaranteed that all relevant information is available for every purpose you might need in your project.

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Improved performance

After connecting to a project in the cloud the issues are twice as fast available and publishing large batches is 15% faster.

Material properties

ZOOM offers an improved interface for displaying material properties. giving users a better insight in material properties of sub-components.



Open your Tekla BIMsight Package files in BIMcollab ZOOM

BIMcollab aims to be accessible to as many project stakeholders as possible. That is why you can now open Tekla BIMsight package-files (.TBP) in BIMcollab ZOOM. Simply export your Tekla BIMsight projects to a package and you will be able to open them in ZOOM for an effective collaboration.

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BCF-API to connect 3rd party CDEs

In these new versions the open standardized BCF-API is supported. This means we have opened up the possibility in the near future to connect BIMcollab ZOOM and all BCF Managers to 3rd party issue management systems or Common Data Environments.

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