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Top gear performance:
fastest model loading and clash detection




Loading models has never been so fast

We’ve managed to significantly improve the loading performance of complex models containing many repetitions. On average this saves 30% of the loading time and RAM usage, but could be up to 80% for large models! 

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clash detection




Clash detection more accurate than ever

Another big improvement is the clash detection accuracy and visualization of clashes. We have listened to our users and successfully improved our engine. The result of this is immediately noticeable in the latest ZOOM. And the best of it all: it comes without any performance loss in speed.  

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More improvements


Issue management

  • Smaller viewpoints when using section planes: ZOOM only saves actual visible components
  • You can now save override colors even when components in viewpoint is set to ‘None = Show all’
  • Custom fields are now supported in batch generation of issues and can be used for filtering
  • Fixed several UI scaling issues



Clash detection

  • Improved visualization of clashes
  • You can now group clashes on story level
  • Automatics zoom-to-fit shows the clash centered
  • More edge cases recognized (like objects in objects)
  • Less false positives
  • More accurate clash bounding box
  • Bug fixed in clash rule edit rights

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