by André Schnabel - BIMcollab Product Manager,  march, 2019  

Whether you’re already practising BIM or you’re just starting to tweak your workflows, BIM events are a great place to obtain new knowledge about various BIM topics and industry developments. Not to mention the valuable contacts you can gather and the numerous companies that can help you tackle the challenges you’re facing.

BIM World Paris is coming up and you got every reason to be there on the 2nd and 3th of April. It's the biggest BIM event in the world, promoting the digital transformation for construction, real estate industry and urban planning. So... We're definitely going! To help you make up your mind as well, we’ll give you five reasons why you should go:

1 | Get inspired by experts

BIM World Paris has an impressive list of conferences that you can attend to. Subjects vary from digital scale models and construction productivity to AR/VR technologies and smart cities. Knowledge is up for grabs and there for you to take home. A small army of speakers is being deployed to educate, motivate and inspire you. Looking for something more hands-on? Try some dedicated workshops.

2 | Strengthen your network

This is your chance to shake hands of people that drive industry leading companies. Exchange ideas, learn about solutions and pick some experts brains. You’ll return home with new contacts and refreshing insights. Some of them might even lead to new collaborations, work improvements or business opportunities. This vibrant pool of likeminded BIM practisers is not something you want to skip in 2019.

3 | Tackle your challenges

Like we said, BIM World Paris is packed with knowledge and experts. Chances are that someone has already faced and overcome challenges similar to yours. You’ll find exhibitors from many different work fields and disciplines on the Parisian expo floor. Tip: set your goals in advance and look-op online who you would like to visit (you can search on name, needs, profession, process or even solution).



The Innovation World Cup


Witness worldclass innovation in these categories


4 | The Innovation World Cup (!)

After San Francisco, Hong Kong, Munich, Singapore and Bangalore, the worldwide renowned  Innovation World Cup® Series will be part of the BIM World Paris. This competition discovers emerging technologies with massive growth potential in four different categories: construction, real estate, smart city and environment. The live evaluation and pitch of all finalists, as well as the prestigious Award Ceremony will take place on the 2nd of April. A great chance to witness innovation at its finest.


5 | Discover the power of issue management

We, from BIMcollab, will also be attending BIM World Paris as an exhibitor. We’re available for brain-picking! For example: we will gladly show you how to improve the collaboration in a multidisciplinary BIM team, have shorter and more effective design/BIM-review meetings and create insights in project progress and workload. Feel free to swing by stand number F80 at any time or contact us for an appointment. Whatever you prefer.


BONUS | FREE tickets for BIM World Paris 2019

Decided to pay a visit? We’ve got 170 entrance tickets laying on our desk, which we would love to share with you. It’s first come - first serve, so don’t hesitate to quickly fill in your information and obtain your free ticket. If you’re on time and there’s a ticket left, we’ll send it your way as soon as possible.

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See you at the BIM World Paris. À bientôt!