Interview with Matthias Holtschmidt, BIM Director at gmp

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Arena da Amazônia, Brazil | Photo © Marcus Bredt
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Meinhard von Gerkan, Volkwin Marg and their partners have planned and constructed buildings in most major German cities since 1965. They have designed small scale homes, hotels, museums, theaters and concert halls, office buildings, commercial centers and hospitals as well as research, educational and sports facilities, buildings for transportation, trade and industry buildings and master plans.

gmp is one of the few practices with a generalist position, which takes responsibility for a project from the design idea and its realization right through to the interior design.

Matthias Holtschmidt, BIM director and architect, at gmp started working there 19 years ago. Besides his role of BIM director he manages the BIM development team. "For me BIM is a project management method, in which 3D building models are used for the planning coordination and collection of all relevant object and planning information. In addition, BIM is part of a project-related quality management system enabling you to implement projects in a goal-oriented manner and with as little risk as possible.

"The live connection between Solibri and BIMcollab was crucial in the decision-making process"

"As a collaboration platform for the exchange and coordination of issues BIMcollab was fundamental for us in the transition to BIM. The live connection between Solibri and BIMcollab was crucial in the decision-making process. BIMcollab plays a key role within our BIM workflow and it is a very powerful tool, but the real value lies in adding the BCF Managers to this workflow. For us they are essential to create a meaningful workflow. 

We experienced that BIMcollab is very valuable in the coordination process for the planners. These processes can be very complex and comprehensive, BIMcollab gives them a clear overview of the progress. A definite plus of BIMcollab is the interface and the way it gives you understanding of handling and coordinating issues on a deeper level. We made BIMcollab available to the partners with whom we collaborate, and they are very enthusiastic about working with it and the advantages it gives them."

Jasper van den Abeelen
Senior BIM collaboration specialist

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