How vrame brought multidisciplinary
BIM teams on the same page

Before and within vrame we (Marc and Jens) worked on numerous BIM projects, but we didn’t have a thorough issue management process. Identifying and resolving issues in the design and construction phase was always an intense period of producing loads of e-mails, revision clouds and phone calls; a diffuse and inefficient process. More important, in numerous occasions we experienced that all issues were merely approached per discipline. This lacks the power of multidisciplinary teams and puts construction projects on risk. We simply didn’t have the right method to effectively identify and communicate issues with all disciplines.

Defensive attitude

Moreover, in past projects, it seemed “standard procedure” that projects wouldn’t be executed as planned. This is highly influenced by the way of working. Conventional planning and design, we call BDUF (Big Design Up Front), can consume months to years of time and produces an enormous amount of paperwork. Important disadvantage of this way of working is the inflexibility it causes. So over time a lot of change requests occur. Files you have to handle consistently. And more important, people start to (unconsciously) develop a defensive attitude towards changes.

"BIMcollab makes communicating changes and issues fast, easy, comprehensive and well documented.”
Jens Bredehorn, CEO


Speak the same language

As soon as we started working with BIMcollab, we stepped into a new world. From our professional experience as planners, project managers and contractors we have learned, that projects will only succeed if all specialists involved speak the same language.Digitalization, BIM, offers the best conditions to bring together all construction specialists in multidisciplinary teams and provide a platform for true collaboration.
For issue management, BIMcollab is the platform that does just that. It anchors the communication between all disciplines. It makes communicating changes and issues fast, easy, comprehensive and well documented. Its task management is well organized, making issues trackable at all times and even allowing a predictive power. For us the acknowledgement of an issue is not really interesting, the problem is there. What is interesting, is to be able to predict the influence of this issue on processes and outcomes in the future. BIMcollab helps us to enable building owners to take the right decisions at the right time. 
We use BIMcollab in/with:
  • planning meetings
  • review sessions
  • creation of status and progress reports
  • user sessions - uncovering demands and wishes
  • project management dashboards - fast checking of non-resolved issues
  • briefings to specialists
  • requirement management
  • multidisciplinary meetings - sharing know-how and resolving issues
  • issue and acceptance management 

"Issue management is the crucial factor leading to success. BIMcollab has put us on the same page again.”
Marc Heinz, CEO

Direct, simple, fast

In all our projects we use virtualization with BIM. Now we add BIMcollab to effectively address changes and issues. Based on the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) we can reveal issues and immediately assign them to the responsible professional. The issues are automatically synchronized to the BIMcollab platform. It means the issues are stored safely, thoroughly controlled and open to be viewed by all professionals involved. Furthermore, the responsible specialist can load BCF-based issues directly in his or her application (like ARCHICAD or Revit), navigate instantly to the issue (without having to search) and has all information needed to resolve the issue. Once resolved, marking a simple checkbox, executes all the necessary administration.

On the same page

BIMcollab gives builders the simplest and most effective tool to participate in BIM processes. It is easy to use, doesn’t “pollute” with unnecessary functions and performs “no matter how big the task”. BIMcollab brings various groups of designers, users and clients on the same page again, enabling them to truly work together and achieve success, fast. With BIM and BIMcollab we were able to embrace a new motto: “Welcome changes early and often, even late in the development”.

About vrame

vrame Consult GmbH is a Berlin based interdisciplinary team of “smart foxes” providing consultancy services and project management for BIM construction projects. vrame works for clients such as BASF, Siemens, BMW and Deutsche Bahn. Jens Bredehorn is BIM expert and Managing Director of vrame. Marc Heinz is BIM Manager and CEO of vrame: “We specialize in fighting risks tactically, always staying one step ahead. This means we create a safe procedural structure for the project, taking it all the way to successful completion in close partnership and collaboration with our customer.”


COMPANY: vrame Consult GmbH
BRANCH Consultancy
HQ: Berlin, Germany
PROBLEM: Due to the large amount of issues people start to develop a defensive attitude towards changes.
SOLUTION: Thorough issue management process using BIMcollab.
RESULTS: Users and clients are able to truly work together and achieve success, fast.

Predict the influence of issue on processes

Building owners are able to take the right decisions at the right time. 

Issues are trackable at all times