After trying BIMcollab,
we don't want to go back

“Trust me, I know what I am talking about: you won’t be disappointed. After trying and getting to know the BIMcollab workflow, you will not want to go back. I don’t!” says Agron Deralla BIMster at AllesWirdGut Architects. Deralla talks about the issue management platform BIMcollab, which immediately after implementation was adopted as a standard tool in the BIM toolbox of AllesWirdGut.
Deralla: “Before using BIMcollab we didn’t have a real issue management scheme, nor proper software. Everything was communicated in conventional ways via emails, printouts and scanned documents. This often led to misunderstandings and confusion. Placing annotations was painstaking and could be poorly documented for the future. From time to time we lost data when emails landed in the spam folders of recipients. We desperately needed a central database where we could document all the problems concerning a project.”

Piloting with a single database

AllesWirdGut started using BIMcollab in a BIM Pilot Project in March 2017. Deralla: “The design team immediately saw the potential of the tool and got used to it very quickly. BIMcollab offered the possibility to talk to all the participants at once or to specific ones, making the responsibilities clear to everyone in the team. Suddenly, we all were in the know as to who should do what and at what time.” AllesWirdGut started to use BIMcollab for the communication on quality assessments of models, model comparisons and most importantly all cases of collision-detection between BIM models. Deralla: “In the end we had a well documented database of all issues.”

“I have one place in which I can see, discuss and coordinate specific issues. I can even use filtering to speed up my work”
Agron Deralla , BIM Coordinator


Coordinating BIM projects

“We integrated the BIMcollab practice for our BIM Coordination meetings, making it possible to discuss issues, solve issues and document them immediately. In addition, we used the Solibri Model Checker, which has its BCF Connector, enabling a quick way of generating and uploading issues to BIMcollab. This made our work much easier, more fun and it reduced the number of our emails considerably. Yet, for me, the biggest advantage is the central database of all our communication around issues. Now everyone knows what’s going on and what the status is. And as the BIM Coordinator, I have one place in which I can see, discuss and coordinate specific issues. I can even use filtering to speed up my work.”


Expanding control with BIMcollab ZOOM

Since August 2018 the team has also implemented BIMcollab ZOOM. Deralla: “This model viewer is something we strongly recommend to our working partners. ZOOM allows us to check the federated models and to perform issue management at the same time. As a BIM coordinator, I create specific SmartViews in ZOOM for our team. With those filtering and visualization options we can check and control the data the way we want. In ZOOM we validate the model before sending it to the quality assessment process. The viewer is simple, fast and has an easy interface… And it is free!”



“Using BIMcollab has increased the transparency in the team and allowed us to focus on the goals of the project. Misunderstandings, confusions, accusations didn’t occur and there were more happy faces in the team. Additionally, people working on their first BIM project are often surprised by this advanced technology. And a nice success story: After just one year of using the software, we managed to achieve a completely collision-free federated model!”

AllesWirdGut / Fritsch, Chiari & Partner / Gawaplan Haustechnikanlagen / Kubik Project ‚Äč

About AllesWirdGut

With around 70 co-workers and offices in Vienna and Munich, AllesWirdGut is a major architectural firm. AllesWirdGut primarily takes on projects in office space, housing, schools, industrial, sports and cultural buildings. Agron Deralla is an architect and a BIM Specialist a.k.a. BIMster at AllesWirdGut. Deralla is involved in BIM since 2010 and currently works on all relevant subjects in the field such as BIM coordination, quality assessment, collision detection, managing office templates, spreading of know-how and supporting the team with modeling. “Supporting a BIM team with the management of processes is crucial to keep all things right.”


COMPANY: AllesWirdGut
BRANCH: Architecture
HQ: Vienna and Munich
SOFTWARE: BIMcollab and BIMcollab ZOOM
PROBLEM: Effectivity managing issues in BIM projects
SOLUTION: Thorough issue management process using BIMcollab
  • One single space with all the issues, available to everyone, everywhere
  • Increase transparency in team, better focus to project goals
  • More happy faces, better model quality