Renovation proves
BIMcollabs' value

Interview with Rob van Leuven, Archifoor Coöperatie u.a.

KUBUS HQ in Eindhoven, Netherlands

When KUBUS decided to renovate their Headquarters, there was no doubt that everything should be done in BIM. Archifoor, co-operative of self-employed construction professionals, was chosen for the role of both architect and project leader a.k.a. BIM manager. They worked with ARCHICAD to do all the modeling, and Solibri Model Checker was used for clash detection between the different models (architectural, construction and MEP). Every issue they found was recorded and saved to BIMcollab to share them with all team members.

"BIMcollab proved itself as an effective and efficient way
to communicate with all parties involved."

Working together

We used both BIMcollab and the BCF Managers during this project. It created a smooth workflow for sharing issues online with team members. The fact that we had direct access to all issues from within our BIM authoring tool and model checker made communications much easier. We could view issues in ARCHICAD, zoom-to the issue, resolve issues and report this back to the other team members. The ones who didn't use any additional BIM software used the BIMcollab web application through a browser. Creating issues during meetings or on site.

During the design phase mainly screenshots of the model were used, and during the construction phase we added actual photos of the building to the issue.

"We experienced BIMcollab as a very powerful tool for communication during the construction project. The continuity of the communication process from design phase to delivery gave us a big advantage. Also the integration with other BIM tools is extremely powerful!"

- Rob van Leuven, Archifoor Coöperatie u.a.

Meanwhile at the construction site...

Everybody had to get used to this new workflow, although it went rather quickly! During construction meetings both BIMcollab and the BIM model were presented on a big screen. This created a very smooth and efficient workflow, where issues could directly be addressed up in the model.

Very soon everybody used the phrase "put it into BIMcollab", and people were now talking about issues instead of problems and questions.
When an issue was encountered during the construction phase, a photo was taken and published to BIMcollab. This resulted in less paperwork during meetings and referrals to BIMcollab in stead. Also during inspection and delivery all found defects were administrated in BIMcollab; in the course of the project the contactor’s foreman got a tablet computer from his management and he used BIMcollab to address the issues on site and afterwards marked them as ‘resolved’ so project manager Archifoor and the other team members were directly informed about the progress.