BIMcollab has a big impact
on a good BIM workflow

Interview with Mark Moerman, BIM director at J.P. van Eesteren

Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam, Netherlands | J.P. van Eesteren
The understanding of BIM is still a challenge, according to Mark Moerman, BIM director at J.P. van Eesteren, and a real ambassador for BIM. J.P. van Eesteren is part of TBI holding, which is in the top 5 largest construction companies in the Netherlands. “It is hard sometimes to understand why BIM is still a struggle for people. I guess it takes some time before people are used to another way of working and believing in it as well. We got the tools for it, now we only need the right mindset.”

"BIMcollab is one of the few tools that really adds value"

People get excited about working with BIMcollab

Mark is one of the first enthusiast users of BIMcollab. “There are only few tools that really add value to the BIM workflow”, he says. “BIMcollab is one of them. When we used BIMcollab on a project people got really excited about working with it. It really makes the process more cohesive. That is, what I believe, BIM should do. Make all the fragmented information whole again.”

Even for such a big construction company, or maybe because of it, it’s a though job to convince everybody that BIM works. Mark never doubted that. He recognized the power BIM when he saw it.

According to Mark a 3D model is the start to get everyone in that right mindset and to understand BIM. “Even with the most experienced experts you can talk about issues from a 2D drawing, and it still seems that after the meeting you were all speaking a different language. We need the 3D model to talk and visualize for us.” This is one of the reasons he loves Solibri, he tells me. The visualization is so simple, effective, and a really flexible tool.