Interview with Harald Selvær, BIM lecturer at Oslo Technical College

At the vanguard

of BIM

Fagskolen Oslo Akershus
To promote BIM on an educational level, the students at Olso Technical College (Fagskolen Oslo Akershus) had the chance to use the new BCF2.0 format through the BIMcollab server. In multi-disciplined project groups the studends made issues in ARCHICAD, Revit and Solibri Model Checker. Then these were published to BIMcollab and shared with their team members. The accesibility of the BIMcollab server gave the students the opportunity to train their collaborative skills, and explore the possibilities that lays within this format.

"I think BIMcollab is a great tool. It is easy and logical to get up and running."

Students experiences

There was a positive vibe among the students when they worked with BIMcollab. They agreed that this BIM tool offers a more efficient and effective method of managing BCF files. The fact that every issue can be synchronized back and forth with BIMcollab works really efficient. ​The students agreed that BCF is a well-functioning format, especially when working in different places. BIMcollab worked as a great backup for every conversation, since it lets you download the issues in a new presentation at any time.
A big advantage was the fact that BIMcollab works so well with other BIM tools like Solibri, ARCHICAD and Revit. This solution made BCF Practical and a lot more user friendly, since it's now easier to use BCF as the base of a good communication platform.

"The use of BIMcollab has enhanced the productivity in our project. This has also given us a more coordinated workflow with much less complications considering how the BCF plugin for ARCHICAD manages all of the issues addressed in Solibri.”

On the left a draft from a student: Marius Haave. His draft shows how the BCF format can be implemented in a more traditional drawing. The drawing shows a detail of how the windows are fixed to the wall. The drawing also contains a picture from the BCF report, and the comments from the BCF report on how the issue will be solved. The drawing is both a description of how the issue shall be solved, and a documentation on the process of the decision making that led to the accepted solution! 

About Fagskolen Oslo Akershus

Fagskolen Oslo Akershus is Norway’s leading educational institute on BIM. They educate construction workers in the practical use of BIM. The course focuses on BIM software, the use of BIM (including IFC and BCF) and implementation in the AEC industry. Students are introduced to a wide range of BIM software. The most central being ARCHICAD, Revit, DDS-CAD MEP, MagiCAD for both AutoCAD and Revit, Solibri Model Checker, Tekla, SmartKalk and ISY Calcus.

A one-year dedicated BIM-course

Our experience is that many institutions teaching BIM focus too heavily, or even exclusively, on introducing the students to BIM software, when in fact the comprehensive process surrounding BIM is equally important. We therefore focus on the aspects of the BIM process, as well as teaching students become strong technical users of BIM tools. The BIM course also emphases the need to critically assess data and verify results. Data can easily be lifted from the model as “Bill of material”. But is the data reliable? Verifying methods, rules and quantities from the model is a crucial element to ensure that the information generated is correct. BIM opens up possibilities to exchange information between the different disciplines involved in a construction project. The IFC format provides a platform for different disciplines to interact with each other. The BCF format is an important contribution to information exchange and improved workflow.

Free for education

All educational institutes can use BIMcollab for free. Send an email to and we'll set you up.