Locating and communicating clashes/issues:
From 2500 to 9 minutes

We are BIMBox, a dedicated team of design & construction professionals with a shared vision of how digital transformation can bring real, positive change. We work to support Estate Owners, Local Authorities, Contractors, Designers and Manufacturers to leverage the advantages available to their businesses’ though the successful application of BIM & Digital Construction procedures in accordance with PAS1192 & ISO19650. 

“ We love collaboration. It drives everything we do and expands the way we work to plan, build & deliver high performing projects ”
We are passionately curious about Digital Construction, if there is a better way to deliver projects, we’ll be there first. We are open and honest and create unique partnerships. We love collaboration. It drives everything we do and expands the way we work to plan, build and deliver high performing projects.
Operating nationwide we are constantly reviewing developments in the sector so that we can continue to provide our clients with clear, practical advice that delivers measurable results. 
As part of our Clash Detection and Reporting service, BIMcollab has been used in conjunction with many authoring and validation software including: Navisworks, Solibri, Revit, ArchiCAD & Tekla as our primary issue tracking and management platform.

BIMcollab Observed Benefits:

BIMBox have integrated BIMcollab on numerous projects across the education, commercial, leisure & manufacturing sectors; and have found the following benefits: 
  1. Clear, informative dashboards displaying current project status. 

  2. The cloud-based platform provides easy access from mobile devices at any time. 

  3. The BCF plugin allows issues to be located automatically in the authoring software.  

  4. The ability to sort, filter, and search issues based on standard and project specific parameters (i.e. Issue number, title, priority, issue type, status, area, milestone, responsible person, label, groups)  

  5. Assigning responsibilities to certain parties in the team while notifying the others who might be involved in resolving a clash, for example assigning Arch-MEP clashes to the Architect while notifying the MEP consultant and the Project Design Manager.  

  6. Allowing the team to be involved and encourage collaboration by providing consultants with the ability to comment on issues, close issues, notify other consultants or re-assign responsibility of the issue to another consultant. 

  7. BIMcollab has been used in BIM coordination meetings as a tool to quickly recall issues and navigate quickly through outstanding actions providing additional focus to meetings.

BIM project Ratamo Carea
- BIMcollab project history stats for a BIMBOX live project-
“ However, with BIMcollab BCF Manager, this could be minimized with the click of a button to locate the clash from the list of clashes reducing 42 hours to about 9 minutes! ”

Measuring the Benefits of BIMcollab:

BIMcollab proved to be very beneficial in issue allocation, communication, tracking, and management. We noticed a much smoother process and a significant time saving compared to the manual process.

We have observed time savings for the clash resolving party compared with the manual process of locating clashes/issues in the 3d model and communicating with other consultants to resolve the clash/issue. 
If there are 500 groups of clashes which is normal for a small sized project in the early technical design phase manually going through each group of clashes in Navisworks and locating items in Revit/Tekla/ArchiCad would take approximately 5 minutes for the experienced technician (looking for location info including grid/level, opening the relevant view, performing sectioning or isolation of elements) Theoretically that would take about 2500 minutes to go through the 500 groups of clashes which equals about 42 hours of work or around 5 working days. However, with BIMcollab BCF Manager, this could be minimized with the click of a button to locate the clash from the list of clashes reducing the overall time to about 9 minutes! 

- Generate a list of issues from Clash Detection results  -


Using BIMcollab as part of our Clash Detection and Reporting service has proved to be very beneficial for us and our clients. It has improved the quality of multi-disciplinary coordination, enhanced team communication and led to the resolution of issues & clashes much quicker. It has facilitated the allocation of issues via the platform and helped the teams use their time more effectively. BIMBox utilize BIMcollab to transform Clash Detection results into relatable, achievable actions for the benefit of all our projects.


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BRANCH Consulting
HQ: Manchester
SOFTWARE: BIMcollab, BCF Managers
CHALLENGE: The digital transformation: smoothen processes and save a significant amount of time.
SOLUTION: Using BIMCollab as part of our Clash Detection and Reporting service.
  • Improved quality of multi-disciplinary coordination
  • Enhanced team communication
  • Quicker resolution of issues & clashes
  • Clear insight in project performance
  • Faster meetings