Blogpost from Benjamin Maes, BIM coordinator at Macobo

Eliminating countless
email threads about issues

Crematory centre, Belgium | Render © a2o architects
Macobo is an allround engineering office. They offer a complete package of coordinated engineering designs for new buildings, infrastructure- and industrial projects. For the project of a new crematory centre in Lommel (Belgium) they joined in as the structural engineer. The architectural firm a2o was in the lead, and they are a big believer in BIM. Together with the construction team they unanimously choose to make this a dedicated BIM project.
"I already worked with BIMcollab a couple of times and recognized the value of this tool. That is why we bought our own BIMcollab space."

Smooth workflow with clear communication

When working according to a BIM workflow, collaboration and proces optimalization is crucial and communication essential. "That is why we choose BIMcollab to use on this project. We set up this BIM tool as online communication platform for documenting all the issues, including comments and their history. We assigned deadlines to the team member responsible en eliminated all unnecessary email threads. Every fortnight we had a BIM coordination meeting to address the active issues.  

At one point a ventilation grate had to be moved horizontally. This impacted our structural engineering model, because the steel reinforcement had to be recalculated and the architect had to approve on an aesthetic level. And to top it all off, the issue was situated in a very complex space.

Thanks to BIMcollab the issue was communicated clearly to all parties involved and everyone knew what to do. Such seemingly simple situations have a huge positive impact on our workflow."
A selection of issues from the project Crematory Lommel

Everyone joined in on BIMcollab

"During the design phase it was mainly the architect who worked with BIMcollab. When the project progressed other partners, like the contractor and consulting engineering firm, asked to join in on BIMcollab. For the construction phase even the subcontractors, site managers en suppliers got acces to BIMcollab and joined in for collaborating in BIMcollab.

As Macobo we got in right before the construction phase. Due to a tight schedule it was very important to work efficiently and quickly follow up on issues. Every partner was closely involved, which contributed to achieving an optimal process and workflow. We tackled all issues between the architecture-, engineering- and installation models during the design phase. This had a real positive impact on the speed and profitability of the construction."