Rijnboutt shares their story on how they use BIMcollab

All the previous
todo lists are gone

An openBIM workflow means communicating clashes and collaborating with multiple software tools. Rijnboutt recognised the value that BIMcollab adds to an openBIM workflow early on. BIMcollab is a cloud based platform that facilitates communication about IFC models via BCF format. This makes collaborating and sharing issues between Revit, ARCHICAD, Navisworks, Solibri and Tekla Structures easy.

"All major BIM tools have a direct link"

"A big advantage of BIMcollab is that all major BIM tools (Solibri, ARCHICAD, Navisworks, Revit, etc.) have a direct link through the BCF Managers with BIMcollab, and thus can import and add issues in realtime to a project." If BIM tools aren't connected by a BCF Manager, but support BCF files, then a file-based workflow can be used. Issues can be saved as BCF file and imported/exported from and to BIMcollab." Rijnboutt creates issue in Solibri or ARCHICAD for team members like structural designers, engineers and contractors. At their turn, engineers can create issues in their own software - like Revit or Navisworks - and assign them to someone from the Rijnboutt team.

"When we open an issue from the engineer in ARCHICAD, the BCF Manager zooms directly to the location of the issue in the 3D model. After we resolved the issue we can communicate this within the ARCHICAD BCF Manager (and then synchronize with BIMcollab) or edit the issue directly in the BIMcollab web app. The engineer automatically receives a notification that the issue is resolved.

"The interface of BIMcollab is a big plus. We can view and edit issues instantly in the web app, Solibri Model Checker and ARCHICAD"

Jaap Hoving, senior designer/project coordinator at Rijnboutt


For us BIMcollab is the best tool to use
for discussing issues during clash-meetings

"During these 'clash-meetings' all team members present the issues they wish to discuss, and the 3D view gives a better and quicker perspective on the issue. We can create issues on the spot in the BIMcollab web application. BIMcollab then functions as a report, including all the issues of the clash-meeting, and eventually as the project file. We link the issues to process planning, so it can be guarded within the project team."

"The entire project team is synchronized"

Rijnboutt uses BIMcollab on a dozen projects, for both internal and external teams. "The interface of BIMcollab is such a big plus. We can view and edit issues instantly in the web app, Solibri Model Checker and ARCHICAD. All the previous todo lists are gone, the entire project team has the same up-to-date list with all the issues to work on. These lists are an integral part of the 3D model from the architect, constructor, engineer, contractor and all other team members." 

The original article was written by Jaap Hoving (Rijnboutt) in Dutch, read it here >