Interview with Thomas Gillen, BIM Manager at Multiplex

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Multiplex Construction Europe is a Tier 1 Main Contractor working on major construction projects
in central London. Multiplex was founded in 1962 and has been delivering landmark property and
infrastructure assets for more than 50 years. They are a leading international contractor with a
focus on sustainable growth.

“BIMcollab has become a standard part of our BIM process.”

According to Thomas Gillen: "A standard Coordination Process involves locating an issue (by Clash Detection or Visual Interrogation) and notifying the relevant Project Team members so that the issue can be resolved. We chose BIMcollab because it adds another dimension to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Multiplex Coordination Process." Thomas trialled BIMcollab using the 'Free' package. This package allows up to 3 users.

"Immediately, I could see the difference that BIMcollab was making so I approached my Project Director and asked if we could upgrade to the 'Starter' package so that I could add the other members of the Project Team that were directly involved in the Coordination Process.

"After a few weeks, I presented the use of BIMcollab to my colleagues in the BIM department and BIMcollab has since become a standard part of the Multiplex Coordination Process."

"We chose BIMcollab because it adds another dimension to the effectiveness and efficiency of BIM"

"BIMcollab helps to increase the levels of collaboration, effectiveness and efficiency on our projects. Our consultants and subcontractors have welcomed the introduction of BIMcollab and have found the 'audit trail' and 'reporting' functionality of BIMcollab to be of high quality. BIMcollab allows users to record issues and embed metadata relating to an issue. It notifies the user required to resolve the issue. Issues can be delegated within an organisation or transferred from one organisation to another. BIMcollab comes with BCF Manager plugins that allows users to go directly to where an issue is located. And most importantly for us, BIMcollab provides an audit trail for each issue, which helps the users to track the progress being made."

"BIMcollab empowers the entire team to proactively record and resolve issues"

According to Thomas Gillen the value of BIMcollab is clear. He states: "BIMcollab provides access to a real-time audit trail that provides both textual and visual information, which is extremely useful. When starting a project, it is important to spend time adding the correct configuration settings. Once this is done, a located issue can be recorded, metadata added, snapshot marked up and notified to the relevant user in under a minute."

Jasper van den Abeelen
Senior BIM collaboration specialist

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