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Developer Tools

When you are a developer of BIM software like a modeler, checker or viewer, or even BIM based software for cost estimation, planning, etc. you can use our tools to create links between BIMcollab Cloud and the BIM model in your tool. Focus on the connection to the model; we do the issue-management-part and all the underlying XML or communication protocols have been taken care of.

You get the best we have, because we use the same libraries for our own set of add-ons.

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Play in our playground

You will have access to our BIMcollab Cloud development space. During development, your app can only connect to this development space for developing, experimenting and testings.

Approval of apps

When you are ready with your app, you have to submit it for approval for commercial use with BIMcollab Cloud. After approval we will allow your add-on to connect to all end user spaces and you can start distributing. This way we keep an eye on the quality of the ecosystem.

Connector with full GUI

language: C#
platform: Windows only

The most extended option we have is a C# library with full GUI included alike our BCF Managers. Documentation and demo-project is included to get you started. All you have to do is to embed it in your software and fill in the functions to retrieve/lookup components, get/set camera position and grab a snapshot of the model. We advise this SDK to add BIMcollab Cloud functionality to desktop BIM tools.

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Connection library (no GUI)

language: C# and Java
platforms: Windows and MacOS


These libraries offer functionality to build a connection to BIMcollab including datamanagement of the downloaded issues, background-loading and more. When using this library you have to build your own GUI supporting BIMcollab Cloud's features correctly. We advise to use these libraries only when the full GUI library is not possible.

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Download Implementation Guide


type: REST-API

The buildingSMART defined BCF-API is about to become an open standard for communicating issues to a CDE, PMS or a BIM issue management system. This REST API has limited support for BIMcollab specific properties and functionality compared to the other available SDK libraries. However the BCF-API can be used to connect cloud-based and mobility solutions.

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