Installation Model viewing Issues Dimensioning Projects


What are the system requirements?
Why a desktop app and not browser based?
Can I use ZOOM on a Windows touch screen device?
What if I have to check my proxy settings, where can I fill them in?

Model Viewing

How many files can I open at the same time?
What added features does BIMcollab ZOOM offer on top of IFC model viewing?
What file types does BIMcollab ZOOM support?
What is the difference with Solibri Model Viewer?
Why are spaces and openings not visible?
Which properties are shown in the summary tab?
Fly mode is too slow/fast, how can I change this?
Not all components in an issue are shown, how to proceed?
How are annotations positioned in 3D?
My 3D window is completely white or black, what can I do?
What does My view do?
What are automatic Floor plans?
Why do some of my elements have no wireframes?
Why are there colored components in my viewpoint that are not shown in ZOOM?
Why does my smart view result in an empty view?
Which Mac track-pad gestures are supported?


Why can’t others read the BCF files I create with BIMcollab ZOOM?
Are colors and annotations saved to viewpoints in issues?


Why will the dimensioning tool not select the correct surface, edge or point in sections?
Why is my dimension being placed within a component?
Why can’t I move my dimension?


Can I connect with my free join.bimcollab.com project?
Why do the model names in my project have different colors?