Connect from Solibri

Solibri is a very powerful and flexible BIM tool. Connected to BIMcollab it becomes part of an equally powerful Issue management ecosystem.

BCF connector extension

Solibri uses their BCF Connector extension to connect to BIMcollab and synchronize issues. Follow these steps to successfully install and setup the BCF Connector.

Note: Your SSC administrator needs to add and assign the BCF Connector extension from the solution center to all users before they can install it.  


You should be able to find and install the latest BCF Connector from the Solibri Solution Center (SSC) in Solibri.


Note: After installation, you will need to restart Solibri for the extension to take effect.

 Configure the settings of the BCF connector

Once Solibri is restarted, you will find the BCF connector settings under File > Settings> BCF connector.
Add a new Row in the dialog and type in the server address in the URL section and your BIMcollab login credentials to configure the connection. The Server Name will be visible in SMC and can differ from the URL.

Use the test button to check the connection.

When you close this dialog your settings are saved and available for use in the Solibri communication layout tab. Sync presentations by clicking on the sync icon behind the name.