Start for free or with a private space

Start with a free account

To start with BIMcollab for free, you can register on Once registered, you will receive an email notification with detail regarding your free account and projects, as well as links to download BCF managers and BIMcollab.



When should I start with a private BIMcollab space?

When the number of users in a free account (limited to 5) is not enough for your project(s) we advise to choose a private space. Please visit to see purchase options and pricing. When you provide us with all information asked, we can process your order automatically and prepare your space without any delays. You are up and running in minutes.


Can I upgrade and downgrade my space anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your space at any time via the administrator dashboard on the space itself. There you have the option to modify your subscription and the number of users is adapted immediately. Read more