Add and invite team members

Project leaders can add someone to a project with these easy steps:

1. On the 'My Projects page' select the project you wish to add team members to
2. Select the 'Settings page'

3. Click on the 'Add team member' button

4a. In a project on you need to type the email address of the person you want to invite and select the team member role.

Note: In the free version you can give three additional team members an editor role, one user a reviewer role and an unlimited number of users a Viewer role.

If this user doesn’t have an account yet, you will get a message where you can invite the user to join by clicking on ‘Invite to Join.’ An email with an invitation and instructions on how to accept the invitation is sent to the user. When the user accepts the invitation he/she will become a team member of your project and you will be notified.

4b. If you are working on a private space, you will be given the opportunity to select one or more users to join your project. You can assign these new team member any role.

Note: By default only space administrators can add new users to the space. However administrators can give users the right to create new projects and add new users to the space.

5. The user will be notified by email that he became a team member of the project. He will see the project on his 'My Projects page'.

When assigning a new team member a role, it is important that you are aware of the privileges and limitation that each role brings:
  • Project leader: Can edit project settings, add/edit issues and create and read all reports
  • Editor: Can add/edit issues and create reports
  • Reviewer: Can view and approve, place comments and create reports
  • Viewer: Can only view issues and project settings

For more information about roles see our FAQ 'Which roles are available within the BIMcollab environment?'