Define project properties

After you have created a new project you can now change the project’s properties so that it meets your requirements.

1. Go to your project’s Settings page in BIMcollab Cloud

2. Click on any property and then on the ‘New’ button to create a new value

3. In order to modify an existing value you can click on it in the list or remove it by clicking on the ‘-‘ button

4. BIMcollab Cloud allows you to modify the following properties:
  • Milestones
    Milestones are given a name and can be given a start and end date. These dates will be used to highlight issues which are beyond their due date.
  • Areas
    Areas can be used to group issues in certain logical or geometrical parts of the building. They are given a name and optionally an Area owner. When an Area owner is defined, any new issues assigned to this Area will also be automatically assigned to this team member.
  • Labels
    Labels can be very helpful when filtering issues. They can be used to define the discipline, the model or any other metric.
  • Types
    This is used distinguish between different types of issues.
  • Priority
    This is used to communicate how urgent it is to find a resolution for an issue. Unlike the other values, the priority values cannot be removed or added to; only renamed.
  • Groups
    Groups represent sub teams within your project. Once defined then users can be assigned to one or more groups. Issues who’s visibility is set to a specific group will only be seen by those team members.