Browse through a federated model

BIMcollab ZOOM provides you with two different tree views which let you browse through the federated model’s IFC structure, find specific components and review those component’s properties.

The Model Tree allows you to browse through the hierarchy of each individual model. It provides feedback on what components are placed on which model, floor, or any other containing element. If container elements such as assemblies are used, you can visualize their hierarchy in this tree. Additionally there is also support for your groups, systems and zones in this tree.


The Type Tree provides you with a list of all IFC element types found in the federated model. All present components are bundled per entity rather than model. This means that all walls throughout the model are shown in a single list, sorted by type. This tree is useful for hiding or showing all elements of a certain type throughout your entire federated model.
Components selected in either tree will also be selected in the model. This allows operations to be executed on the tree, such as creating a section box around a building story or coloring entities of a certain type. By using the ‘My view’ feature, individual items or complete categories found in these trees can easily be isolated and viewed in BIMcollab ZOOM.  

Some tips to browse your models quick and efficient:
  • Use arrow keys up and down to browse entities, left and right to collapse or expand levels
  • Press spacebar to show and hide the selected elements
  • The ‘end’ (win) or ‘↘’ (osx) will perform a zoom-to action
  • Use ctrl + B (win) or cmd + B (osx) to create a section box around your selection
  • Use ‘+’, ‘-‘ and ‘=‘ to create and modify your view set
  • Hold down ‘alt’ during view set operations to modify the view set without visualizing directly