BCF Manager How To's

Installation Common features Model coordination    
Revit Navisworks Solibri ARCHICAD Tekla


How to silently install the BCF Manager.
How to install in a Citrix environment.

Common features

How to change the language settings of the BCF Manager.
How to create fast, light-weight and effective viewpoints.
How to suppress the search for components in a viewpoint.
How to change the issue list to tile view in the BCF Manager.
How to use filtering to view specific issues in the BCF manager.
How to view a favorite set in the BCF Manager.
How to overcome the limitations of linked (IFC) files in your modeling application.
How to use a BCF Manager with multiple BIMcollab projects at the same time.
How to publish issues which where opened from a BCF file
How to identify myself when working offline in the BCF manager.

Model coordination

How to coordinate models with Survey points.


How to define the 3D view settings for zoom to
How to use the BCF Manager with a shared Revit model.
How to force orthographic projection in the Revit BCF manager.


How to transfer Clash test results from the Clash Detective to BIMcollab.
How to transfer Saved Viewpoints to BIMcollab.
How to keep issue status in sync with the Navisworks Clash Detective.


How to publish a Solibri presentation to BIMcollab.
How to speed up importing and exporting issues in Solibri.
How to setup new team members for use in Solibri.


How to set the 3D view mode for Zoom-to.
How to change the issue list to a tile view.
How to select multiple issues in ARCHICAD.


How to keep projection mode in Tekla.