ZOOM How To's

Installation Issues Model Coordination Model Viewing
Smart Views Projects Dimensioning File Linking
Clash Detection      


How to purchase a ZOOM pro license
How to activate a ZOOM pro license
How to silently install BIMcollab ZOOM.
How to install in a Citrix environment.


How to use the favorite function on issues in BIMcollab ZOOM

Model Coordination

How to coordinate models with different origins.
How to find the IFC global origin.

Model Viewing

How to easily show and hide similar objects.
How to speed up zoom to in issues.
How to color components and annotate viewpoints in issues.
How to manually change the color of specific components.
How to remove colors and annotations.
How to select all section planes at the same time.
How to move multiple section planes or box at once.

Smart Views

How to set up smart views to both color and set transparancy of components.
How to organize smart views.
How to setup smart views that work on any model.
How to share smart views with my team members
How to retrieve a property/quantity listing from my models


How to combine and save multiple files into one ZOOM project.
How to manage BIMcollab ZOOM projects with a large number of models.
How to sort and group your models in the model tree.
How to save your BIMcollab connection to you BIMcollab ZOOM project.
How to update a project with revised models.
How to manage IFC models with a file sharing utility.


How to measure or place a dimension in BIMcollab ZOOM.
How to force the dimension tool to measure from point to point.
How to dimension section lines from a section plane.

File Linking

How to open a URL or hyperlink in properties not open my file or web-page?

Clash Detection

How to perform a clash detection with BIMcollab ZOOM
How to share clash rules with my team members