How to deal with issues found in Solibri Model Checker

Optimal workflow

​You have been using Solibri Model Checker to evaluate your BIM models and create issues. Let us guide you through the process step by step and demonstrate the optimal workflow.

Follow the following steps to optimize your issue management workflow with Solibri Model Checker and BIMcollab.

Step 1: Load your IFC models

Create a federated model of your project by loading the IFC models from the various disciplines

Step 2: Run rulesets

Select the rulesets that you wish to perform and run them.

1. Load your IFC models

2. Run rulesets

Step 3: Create slides

Evaluate the rule results and create slides for those issues which need to be resolved

Step 4: Create presentation

Create a new presentation based on the results.

Step 5: Sync with BIMcollab

Synchronize your results to BIMcollab by exporting new and changed issues

Step 6: Sync again

Synchronize your results from BIMcollab by importing changed issues.
Now that your issues have been uploaded in BIMcollab and are fully synchronized with Solibri they can be managed and worked on by your team. You will then want to confirm that the issues have indeed been resolved.

Step 7: Update your models

Before you synchronize with BIMcollab again always make sure that you always have the latest models loaded into Solibri. Note that it is important that you update the models and do not replace them as this will sever the links between the models and the issues.

Step 8: Sync with BIMcollab

Continue to use the same presentation (do not delete it) and synchronise your results from BIMcollab by importing changed issues.

Step 9: Re-Run your rulesets in Solibri

This will evaluate if the current issues have been resolved. If new issues are found you can create slides for them as well.

Step 10: Update your Presentation

Again using the same presentation perform an ‘Update Presentation from Results’

Your issues have now been updated and are ready to be synchronized with BIMcollab. To do so go back to Step 5 and keep repeating this cycle until all your issues have been resolved.

Migrating your Issue Management to BIMcollab

If you have been working with Solibri and have projects and presentations you would like to migrate to BIMcollab then there are some special steps you can take to ensure that the transition goes smoothly and that you are up and running in BIMcollab in no time. If you sync an existing SMC presentation with BIMcollab then you may encounter some limitations of the BCF connector.

The best way to publish an existing Solibri presentation to BIMcollab is to first:
  • Create a new project in BIMcollab
  • Create a report in Solibri of the presentation in BCF format.
  • Import the BCF file into BIMcollab.
Once the BCF file has been correctly imported into BIMcollab then you can continue to synchronize your project via the BCF Connector.