New features & improvements

BIMcollab ZOOM 3.2 / BCF Managers 5.3

Release 20-02-2020
ZOOM build


Features ZOOM

  • Custom and mandatory fields defined in Connected plans are supported
  • ZOOM can now import Tekla BIMsight files through File > Import
  • Shared Smart view - and Clash rule sets alphabetically sorted
  • Improved interface for displaying material properties

ZOOM and BCF Managers 5.3

  • BCF API support opens the possibility in the near future to connect to other CDE’s as BIMcollab.
  • Performance of the connection is further improved: issues are 2 times faster visible on your screen after connecting to a cloud project. Publishing issues is 15% faster.
  • Viewers and reviewers can now see all issue details




Bug fixes

  • Fixed the activation of Pro licenses through proxy servers
  • Fixed a crash when editing a smart view after unloading models
  • Fixed a bug where Summary.Name would change into Material.Name after editing the smart view
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Save changes’ was not triggered for offline issues when closing ZOOM
  • Fixed a bug where sorting of building storys would be inconsistent in rare situations


BIMcollab ZOOM 3.1

Release 18-12-2019, build


New functionality

  • Clash detection now distinguishes clashes from duplicates
  • Tolerance for clashes now includes an option to filter out clashes based on the shortest side of the clash box
  • ‘And…' operators are now also available for clash detection
  • In-app updater: download and install the latest version of ZOOM from within the software
  • Implemented feedback forms for specific user groups


  • Improved handling of material properties in the material tab
  • Improved support for working with BCP files with relative paths to IFC files
  • Several settings for floorplans are now saved
  • Update IFC geometry kernel for faster IFC loading
  • Improved the rotation of clash boxes to fit around clashes
  • Click defines center of orbit is now default for all new users

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where counting of auto color items went wrong for partial strings
  • Fixed a bug where text values were formatted as numbers
  • Fixed a crash on Mac when smart views were dragged from shared to local
  • Clash results should now always reset after changing the model structure
  • Several minor bug fixes

BIMcollab Cloud 2019-Q4

Release 08-12-2019 


BIM 360 Docs Modelviewer improvements

  • Navisworks files supported
  • Support for viewpoints with section planes
  • Icons in model selector for better navigation 
  • Bug with zoom-to and several other small bugs fixed

Filter improvements

  • Filter for "Company” added to issue filter
  • Reset filter now also resets "custom fields”
  • Wrong filter description fixed
  • Sorting on favorites and custom fields fixed

Other improvements

  • BCF-API+ further improved and extended, several bugs fixed
  • New integrations-dialog to prepare for future integrations
  • Option to create a company while creating a user
  • New user can be added directly to a ZOOM license pool
  • Option "Only allow to assign issues to members of the teammember's usergroups” now also applies to project leaders
  • Custom and mandatory fields supported on import
  • Last login -column also based on BCF Manager and ZOOM logins
  • Several known bugs fixed and other small improvements

BIMcollab ZOOM 3/Pro

12-09-2019, build 

New functionality

  • Stamp tool: You can now use the stamp tool to create annotations of element properties in a single click.
  • And…’ statements: Users can now chain several property requirements in smart views with 'And...' statements

Clash detection improvements

  • Improved the accuracy of clash detection between face-to-face elements
  • Improved feedback and handling of moving section planes
  • Floorplans can now be enabled/disabled in your view modes of Clash Detection
  • You can now run an individual clash rule by double click or pressing enter

Other improvements

  • Unsynchronized changes to a shared smart view or clash rule will now be indicated with a (*).
  • Improved geometry creation in IFC kernel
  • Extended functionality to find relative path from .BCP file
  • Update model will no longer apply a restore view afterwards 
  • Quantities are now supported in IfcComplexProperty
  • Added support for material properties (IfcMaterialProperties)
  • When multiple users synchronize changes that are in conflict, the user will be prompted to choose action 


  • Fixed the bug where Door Width was displayed as 0mm
  • Fixed a bug where element colors were not shown for some IFC4 files
  • Running a single clash rule will no longer reset the scroll list (Mac only)
  • Fixed a bug where a change in rule order was lost in clash detection editor 
  • Fixed a bug where geometry of IfcBuilding was not drawn
  • Fixed a bug where the search field would not work with upper case letters
  • Fixed unit conversion bug for Riser Height in ifcStair
  • Fixed a bug that synchronize issues would also synchronize smart views and clash rules
  • Fixed the issue snapshot being resized when creating issues
  • Previously set viewpoint options are no longer applied to batch generate issues

BIMcollab Cloud 2019-Q3

 Release 08-09-2019 


General improvements

  • Trial mode for BIM 360 Docs integration on and Starter/Classic plans
  • Nicer 3D view and better model handling
  • Higher and lower than -operators when filtering on priority and deadline
  • Several bugfixes and improvements

Power BI connector

  • Basic issue data also available on Starter plan
  • More activity data available (Connected and up)
  • Custom fields added to Power BI data (Connected and up)
  • Download multiple projects at once (Connected and up)

New workflow settings (Connected and up)

  • Only employees of space owning company can close issues
  • Only allowed to assign issues to members of same usergroups

Other Improvements (Connected and up):

  • Visibility filter with more options
  • New graphs for custom fields
  • Search through custom fields values
  • Custom fields are added to multi-edit
  • Copy custom and mandatory field definition from other project on project creation 

BIMcollab ZOOM 3/Pro

09-07-2019 (updated)

Smart view and clash rule sharing

  • Share your smart views easily through the BIMcollab project in the cloud
  • Define a unique set of smart views per project
  • Drag and drop from local to shared and vice versa
  • Define edit rights for smart views per team member in BIMcollab
  • Reinstated Smart View export functionality

Clash detection (Pro only)

  • Define clash filters and rules comparable to smart view definitions
  • Share clash rules with your project team easily through the BIMcollab project in the cloud
  • Group clashes based on user defined similarities
  • Identify clashes by nearest grid, nearest space and component properties 
  • Visualize clashes with three different view modes
  • Batch generate issues with the issue generator

Quantity listing (Pro only)

  • Select operator and property per smart view
  • Review quantities stored in the IFC file
  • Copy the result table to paste in a spreadsheet or export to csv.
  • Share smart views with property listing through BIMcollab

Other Improvements

  • Significant faster loading of IFC files (+25% on average)
  • Smart view auto color applied to ‘Any element’ will no longer apply to subparts in decomposed elements
  • Properties are now always sorted alphabetically in all dropdown menu’s
  • Update of geometry kernel to resolve geometrical problems


  • Fixed a bug when combining Auto color with wildcards would result in incorrect entity counting
  • Fixed a bug where IfcBuildingElementProxy could not be found through the search dialogue
  • Fixed a bug where IfcOpeningStandardCase (IFC4) did not act as opening

BIMcollab Cloud 2019-Q2



  • Introduction of different plans, different prices
  • New custom fields: two dropdown lists and two text fields
  • Filter on custom fields
  • Mandatory fields: define per issue-property which is obligatory
  • New graphs comparing multiple projects

BIM360 integration

  • Connect your BIMcollab space to a BIM360 account
  • Define which project is connected to which models
  • Define access to the 3D View per team member
  • Lookup, create and verify issues in the context of the 3D model

Reporting Improvements

  • printable PDF reports without grey background
  • larges snapshots on tile view PDF reports
  • combine graphs with issue-lists in PDF reports

Other Improvements

  • auto-grow of description and comments for large content
  • and many more small interface improvements and bugs fixed

Bugfixes BCF Managers 5.2


BCF Manager for Navisworks, Build 168

  • Viewpoints with section planes can be created and used again.
  • Clash import works correctly again when using Groups.
  • Clash import now uses the correct units in created comments.
  • Several GUI improvements (mainly in non English languages).

BCF Manager for Revit, Build 155

  • Crash during the loading of some models is fixed.

BIMcollab ZOOM 2.2


Bugfixes Build 149

  • Fixed several geometrical issues.
  • Fixed the issue where navigation could be blocked in far away models.
  • Fixed the issue where zoom to fit would sometimes zoom out too far.

  • Fixed the issue with Time_stamp property being converted in time zones.
  • Fixed several scaling issues on MacBooks with attached displays.
  • Fixed the issue where some Mac users could not mount the installer

BCF Managers 5.2


Navisworks BCF Managers

  • Redesigned and optimized workflow when synchronizing clashes to issues- up to 100x faster synchronizing issues from clashes.
  • Immediate responsiveness of the import clashes dialogs in any project size.
  • Automatic optimization of viewpoints for fast zoom-to’s and light-weight communication.

  • Use of viewpoints stored in clash detective, eliminating the ‘saved viewpoint workaround’.
  • Whether to update or to create an issue automatically detected.


Revit BCFM

  • New algorithm makes zoom-to and check components 61% faster in complex models with many linked files.
  • Creating snapshots and issues much faster on large models.

  • Fixed problem making issues when Revit runs in viewer mode.

Tekla BCFM:

  • Zoom-to and check components 69% faster when working with many linked reference models
  • Creating issues when working with many linked reference files became more than 80% faster.

  • Tile view added in issue-panel.
  • Fixed problem with making snapshots in non-administrator mode.
  • Fixed problem where components were not isolated on zoom-to.
  • Support for Base point when working with complex coordinated models.


  • Fixed communication with Solibri Model Checker regarding lost visibility of selected components in viewpoints.
  • Removed selection of colored components in applications that do not support color-override from BCF.
  • Several improvements for creating viewpoints and zoom-to, improved locating of issues and refined GUI.mprovements

BIMcollab ZOOM 2.2



  • Up to 40% less memory usage, loading models twice as large.
  • Five times more objects during smooth navigation.
  • Supports latest MacOS OpenGL for better imaging and 5K graphics support.
  • improved auto-fixing of IFC imports ensures all your models being loaded correctly.


  • Problems solved for intel HD graphical cards
  • Many more small improvements and bug-fixes




  • Visualize project origin and zoom to this location.
  • Automatic floorplans now includes floorplans from other models on equal elevations.
  • Improved positioning of dimension text.
  • Moving multiple section planes at once.
  • Function to duplicate annotations.
  • Open documents and external url’s from properties.
  • Support for more properties of reinforcing elements.
  • Use tab-key to browse through property sets.

Power BI Connector 1.1



  • More issue-attributes available like Title, Description, Labels and Approval.
  • Support for Microsoft On-Premise Gateway for automatic synchronization of data.
  • User can now only access projects and issues via Power BI Connector which he/she is authorized to
  • No ‘beta-version’ anymore in description

BIMcollab ZOOM 2.1



  • Added functionality to edit multiple issues at once
  • Quick search can now be used to only search in visible elements or My view
  • Select, isolate, show, or hide elements directly from the auto color legend
  • Added a quantity count for elements in auto-color legend
  • Subtypes of IfcStructuralItem are now supported and can be used to visualise Structural Analysis models.
  • 10% loading option added for point cloud.
  • Create issues from anywhere in the application with right click.
  • Show or hide all your MEP components at once with Alt + M.
  • Support for structural analysis elements.


  • Loading speed of models with complex objects improved.
  • Added restore view as button to the toolbar.


  • Section planes will no longer be removed when a smart view is executed.
  • Implemented support for multiple grid-systems in a single IFC file.
  • Fixed a bug where dedicated video cards were not used by ZOOM on some computers.

BCF Managers 5 r3



  • Edit multiple issues at once *)
  • Add Navisworks meta data to issue descriptions and comments when importing in BIMcollab
  • Auto assign team members when importing issues from Navisworks into BIMcollab.

*)  Except for BCF Managers for ARCHICAD


  • Switching between issues in complex Revit models is significantly faster
  • Faster connection with BIMcollab projects
  • Several smal bugs fixed.
Build 297 Navisworks: fixes checkbox for not reopening closed issues when updting from clash detective. 

BIMcollab ZOOM 2 r2



  • Better support for IFC4 files.
  • Improved handling of point cloud files.
  • More efficient (video) memory usage.
  • Clearer indication of loaded scans in a point cloud.
  • Number formatting follows OS setting.
  • Point clouds with far away origin are now supported.
  • Section planes remain on move/rotate.
  • Arced walls are rendered more precise.
  • Models now rotate around their center instead of site location.
  • Several UI refinements also for 5K displays.
  • More minor improvements.


  • Overal responsiveness improved
  • Much faster smart views with wildcards and auto-color
  • Faster Loading and unloading big models
  • Faster show/hide/navigate in big models.


  • Automatic floorplans are now triggered by spaces.
  • Several rare crashes with some models solved.
  • Several minor bugfixes with smart views, issue-panel and more.

BCF Managers 5 r2



  • Several UI refinements also for 5K displays.
  • Faster upload of new issues and snapshots.
  • ARCHICAD ElementID available for search in viewpoint info.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) available.


  Bug fixes

  • Correct snapshot visible after editing issue.
  • Bug fixed when importing saved viewpoints from Navisworks.
  • Several smaller bugs fixed.

BIMcollab Cloud 2018-Q3


New features

  • Add hyperlinks to pdf reports
  • Easy process of updating your space
  • Easy to set an automatic payment method
  • Option for automatic debit from credit card
  • Option for automatic debit from IBAN bank accounts (European SEPA countries)

  Improvements & bug fixes

  • Add new user to a group
  • Bug solved with some filter combinations
  • Bug solved which blocked the creation of excel/pdf reports
  • Import of BCF file could change visibility of issues
  • Bug solved which blocked importing of big BCF files
  • Several fixes to improve layout, stability and performance

BIMcollab ZOOM 2



New features

  • Measurement and dimensioning, text-annotations.
  • Smart view improvements: grouping in sets, wildcards, auto-color (for easy classification), opaque spaces/ openings.
  • Add point-clouds to the project: keep track of project progress and as-built against plan; create issues.
  • Support for ifc-annotations and properties like ObjectType, ElementType, and more for doors, windows, and stairs.


  • User defined summary panel & tooltip.
  • Space info on floorplan.
  • Connection saved in project-file.
  • Object properties in issue-tab.
  • Improved annotation moving.
  • Improved support for complex geometry.
  • Easier setup for roll-out on citrix systems.

BIMcollab 2018-Q2


New features Cloud

  • Mark issues as favorites, to prepare review meetings; also shared from/to ZOOM and BCF Managers.
  • Define types, favorites, labels and user groups per project.
  • Option to create a template project to reuse settings like issue types, team members, areas, and more.
  • Hide/delete projects and users (via recycle bin) (GDPR).
  • Allow selected users to create projects and users.
  • Many small productivity improvements.

New features BCF Managers

  • Mark, filter and share issues as favorites.
  • Filter to always 'Include issues I have to approve'.
  • Easier setup for roll-out on citrix systems.
  • Add grouped clashes as viewpoints to one issue in Navisworks
  • Better zoom-to perspective viewpoints in Revit 2019.
  • Search on Revit-ID's from viewpoint-info dialog.
  • Zoom-to in Tekla with linked models up to 50 times faster.

BIMcollab 2018-Q1


Three extra languages, international usage

  • BIMcollab ecosystem (WebApp, BCF Managers, ZOOM) available in English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Different languages allowed per user within one project, for international cooperation.
  • Improved hotkey functionality in ZOOM when using non-US keyboard layouts

  Improvements & bug fixes

  • Release BCF Manager for ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2018.
  • Improved import of non-compliant BCF files.
  • Bug fixed when creating Excel report from activity list.
  • Bug fixed of incorrect status in PDF reports.
  • Various small bugfixes and user interface improvements.

BIMcollab ZOOM 1 r2



  • Show/Filter/Hide similar components in the 3D window.
  • Increased performance with complex (MEP) models.
  • Solved problems with models that have far away origins.
  • Several improvements on moving section planes and annotations.

  • Better overall support for models from Allplan.
  • Improved zoom to container components.
  • Support for Property Sets from SketchUp 2018.
  • Improved UI scaling on high resolution Windows.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

BIMcollab Cloud 2017-Q4


New Look, same feel

  • Completely redesigned user interface, new look, same logic.
  • New project dashboard with graphical overview of projectstatus and recent changes.
  • Fresh colors reflect status of an issue everywhere.
  • Graphs page with 15 different graph types.
  • Improved coloring, illustrating history of status changes in issue details pages. 
  • Block administrators from accessing confidential projects.

  • Request to join a project requires the mail address of a projectleader for better security and access approval flow.
  • Import issues via CSV is extended with approvers.
  • Improved subscription management pages. 
  • you can send or download a PDF with confirmation for approval by a colleague.
  • Many small improvements which make your work faster.


BIMcollab ZOOM, new in ecosystem


Visualize, Validate, Communicate

For IFC models and ;point-clouds. Read productinfo here >

BCF Managers 4

06-11-2017 | New snapshot tile view

New features

  • Issue list now available as small, medium or large tile view *)
  • Comment history visually enhanced with snapshots.
  • Issue filter extended with all properties.
  • More clear user interface for usage of colors.
  • Updated logos and toolbar icons.

*) Not available for ARCHICAD and Tekla Structures due to API limitations.


  • When color usage is switched off in Navisworks: no resetting of model colors anymore.
  • Correct information in simplebim about IFC Type.
  • Limitation in length email address removed.
  • All known bugs are solved.

BIMcollab 2016-Q3

22-10-2016  Workflow | Large projects

Improved workflow

  • Dramatic performance improvements for very large projects (> 25K issues).
  • Define project owner to receive new issues.
  • Define area owner to receive issues assigned to the area.
  • Define per issue who needs to approve it.
  • Hyperlink to other issues in comments and descriptions.
  • New Reviewer role to comment and approve issues.
  • A viewer can only view issues.

Enhanced reporting

  • Reports of activity-lists in PDF and XLS.
  • Filter activity-lists on status.
  • Easily hide issues not visible for all team members (for presentations).
  • Select individual issues for a report.

Improved imports

  • Import of BCF files further optimized and more reliable.
  • Excel based issue import extended to all fields including url’s to snapshots.

User interface of web-application

  • Checkboxes for activating projects, users and team members direct in lists.
  • Add a thumbnail image to your project.
  • Sorting remembered and paging added on user- and project lists in administration.
  • Improved performance when editing multiple issues. 

General improvements in all BCF Managers

  • New workflow features fully supported.
  • Extended user interface to support all issue properties.
  • Notify team members about issues from the add-ons.
  • Possibility to filter issues on area.

Renewed Navisworks BCF Manager

  • Up to 50 times faster issue creation and zoom to.
  • Faster issue generation from Clash Detective.
  • Select multiple clash-tests to generate issues from.
  • Automatic usage of (Saved) viewpoints for clashes.
  • Generate issues from Saved viewpoints.
  • Possibility to cancel operations.
  • Colored components also saved to viewpoints.
  • Support for Survey points in shared coordinate projects.

Revit BCF Manager

  • Support for grouped objects.
  • Support for multiple users working in a shared model.
  • Support for Survey points in shared coordinate projects.
  • Made dockable in Revit 2017.

General improvements

  • Correct usage of Chinese, Japanese and Cyrillic characters.
  • Improved mail notifications when users are added via import.
  • Improved security; all known bugs fixed.

New BCF Connector for Solibri


Performance improvements

  • Synchronizing up to 50 times faster
  • Reduced viewpoint-size
  • Information send only once and only when modified
  • Publish only modified issues
  • Improved user-identification and user-mapping.


  • All information is published
  • More clear messages for exceptional situations
  • Comments added to the right slides
  • Consistent BCF files and BIMcollab synchronization
  • Many bugfixes

BCF Managers 2.5



  • New interface for better usability
  • All issue-properties can be accessed
  • Issue filtering transparant
  • One click synchronizing of issues
  • Update existing issues from clash-reports in Naviswork
  • Clipping planes in Navisworks
  • Improved handling of visible and selected components
  • Show colored components as selected
  • Viewpoint information: check visible, selected or colored components
  • Quick zoom for large models: set camera position only
  • Bounding box feature to isolate selected or visible components
  • Save connections for fast access
  • All known bugs are fixed

Better Camera positioning

  • More exact camera retrieval and zoom-to in eco-system
  • Positioning in Revit relative to survey point excluding rotations
  • Better translation to orthographic (Revit) or perspective (ARCHICAD, simplebim)
  • Option to keep active projection mode in Tekla
  • Option to stay in orthographic mode in Revit

Performance optimization

  • Connecting, downloading and publishing issues up to 100 times faster
  • Improved background loading and caching
  • Automatic notifications for slow viewpoints
  • New BCF 2.1 reduced viewpoint size

BIMcollab 2016-Q1



  • Start-page shows latest activities & better graphs.
  • Lists of activity per person since last login, last week, month.
  • Lots of interface enhancements, better columns, filtering, sorting, paging, etc.
  • Improved viewpoint handling and information: number of visible and selected components.
  • Better feedback during import and export (reporting).

Performance optimization

  • Browsing issues up to 10 times faster
  • Issue lists use paging for faster display
  • Import of large (>100Mb) BCF files up to 50 times faster
  • Webservices for connecting add-ons optimized
  • Improved performance throughout the application.




  • Import of XLS files to load issues from other (excel-based) issue-management approaches
  • Workflow setting per project who is allowed to close issues, who is allowed to import files
  • Projectsettings, team members, Milestones, etc. Now visible for all users
  • Easier to create new projects on
  • Reporting to PDF, XLS of issue lists, with or without comment-history
  • All generated reports in one overview for later download
  • Daily or weekly activity overviews of your projects per mail


  • Issue order remains during BCF 2.x import
  • Less sensitive for erroneous BCF files
  • All other known bugs are fixed

BIMcollab 2015-Q2


BIMcollab new features & improvements

  • Approve/merge users which are created during BCF import.
  • Improved filter possibilities with status.
  • Improved BCF 2.0 support, synchronized with other vendors.
  • Easy purchase of new projects and users.
  • Easier recognition of inactive projects.
  • Improved project-pages for administrators.

Free on 

  • Possibility to create unlimited new projects.
  • Possibility to set projects active / inactive

BCF Managers new features & improvements

  • Improved BCF 2.0 support.
  • Visible, selected components recognition, color flag fixed.
  • Header-information, timezones and number-notation fixed.
  • Improved performance when many lines are added to a viewpoint.
  • Automatic updating implemented.
  • Story support for selection with Marquee in ARCHICAD.
  • Several bugs were fixed improving overall stability and performance.

BIMcollab 2015-Q2


BIMcollab new features & improvements

  • Select multiple issues to assign, change milestone, area, etc.
  • Fold history loggings of an issue.
  • Rotate and remove snapshots (handy when photo’s are taken with mobile phones).
  • Multi-user handling for simultaneous work on same issue from different clients.
  • E-mail-notifications now contain a snapshot of the issue.
  • Optimized GUI for less clicking and scrolling.
  • Improved BCF import.
  • BCF export is less sensitive to erroneous BCF files.
  • Several bugs fixed for overall stability and performance.

BCF Managers new features & improvements

  • ARCHICAD add-ons save marquee as clipping planes.
  • Support for visible, hidden and selected components in viewpoints.
  • More reliable handling of camera-positions and zoom-to between applications.
  • Easy way to solve conflicts, icons to inform user.
  • Multi-user handling for simultaneous work on same issue from different clients.
  • Improved implementation to pass firewall or proxy’s.
  • More robust against connection loss. 

BIMcollab 2014-Q4


BIMcollab Cloud

  • First release containing all basic functionality to manage issues in the cloud and connect from BCF Managers.
  • connect and login to BIMcollab, select project, load issues
  • publish all or selected changes
  • history logging of changes in BIMcollab
  • notifications of changes send to issue owners

BCF Managers new features

  • support for BCF 2.0
  • multiple viewpoints per issue
  • support for clipping planes (in Revit bounding box)
  • new issue properties: description, assign to, milestones, areas
  • filter on milestones added
  • better workflow for Edit, Resolve and Close issues