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How to create an account on





Tutorial 01 Creating an account on  
Tutorial 02 Getting started with your first project  
Tutorial 03 Setting up your project  
Tutorial 04 Importing BCF files into BIMcollab  
Tutorial 05 Editing and creating issues within BIMcollab  
Tutorial 06 Edit users in BIMcollab      
Tutorial 07 Import multiple users into BIMcollab      

BIMcollab ZOOM

General Introduction to ZOOM      
Tutorial 01 Creating and moving section planes      
Tutorial 02 Visualizing openings and spaces      
Tutorial 03 Usage of automated floorplan      
Tutorial 04 Finding and filtering similar components      
Tutorial 05 Basics of making Smart Views      
Tutorial 06 Making Smart Views on component groups      
Tutorial 07 Creating annotations      

BCF Managers

Tutorial 01 Publish issues from Solibri Model Checker to BIMcollab      
Tutorial 02 Working with the BCF Managers and BIMcollab  
Tutorial 03 Working with simplebim and BIMcollab