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ZOOM smoothly finds information flaws, communicates issues, and verifies solutions.

Your team aims to create high quality BIM models without any issue. To create a flawless design the entire project team should be able to view all project related models and smoothly lookup, discuss, evaluate and approve issues without having to invest in a steep learning curve, expensive licenses or subscriptions.

BIMcollab ZOOM helps to find information flaws, to communicate issues, and to verify solutions. It is the only free model viewer that is fully integrated in the efficient BIMcollab issue management workflow. That means finding more issues early and solving them in less time.


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Models used in screenshots: Triodos Bank, a project by Triodos Bank & EDGE Technologies. Provided by J.P. van Eesteren

Fast & smooth navigation

Navigation is fast, intuitive and smooth. Even with large and complex 3D models.

MacOS and Windows

The ZOOM desktop app is available for Windows and MacOS users.

Start for free

You can use BIMcollab ZOOM with all its features for free

Visualize and organize all discipline models

Get a full overview of the federated model by combining any number of discipline models
from all major BIM tools based on open standards. Sort your models in the navigation tree
in any way you want and share the federated model setup in a platform independent project file.

​Check point clouds against IFC models

Load point clouds and combine them with IFC files to check for deviations between ‘as built’ versus ‘as designed’ and create issues to communicate with team members.You can open point cloud data from common used formats like .e57 and .txt. We even support multiple scans from one file, color and intensity values, and positioning and scaling.

Classify with auto coloring

Unique and unparalleled is the new auto color feature. With this option, the smart view will color-code components automatically based on selected properties, without having to specify them one-by-one. To make this even more complete a legend is generated showing values and corresponding colors for reference.

Read more about smart views


Smart views for data validation

Smart views are filters to dynamically show and color-code components based on their properties to quickly gain insight in the quality of the information in your BIM model. Smart views offer you a very intuitive way of validating data against requirements. When the results of a smart view identify a problem, the creation of an issue is close at hand.

Read more about smart views
Structural analysis ZOOM

Structural analysis

BIMcollab ZOOM has a special feature for structural engineers. It supports virtual elements for displaying a structural analysis and sharing 3D force calculations.

Add 3D dimensions

Annotate issues with the 3D dimensioning tool. This new tool snaps to corners, edges and surfaces in the BIM model and intuitively adapts by measuring the perpendicular distance when needed


Use or create 3D texts

Document issues better with 3D text annotations to refine the communication when comments or descriptions are insufficient. 



Show space information

For improved orientation you can enable space information for your floor plan display, next to the grids and object wireframes. This will show the ID, space name and area of the spaces of your model in the 3D view for reference. 

Integrate with BIMcollab’s issue management

ZOOM smoothly integrates with BIMcollab’s issue management workflow, together with the web application and all the add-ons for BIM authoring tools you can:

  • Create, filter and lookup issues directly in ZOOM.
  • Save and load issues from BCF files or synchronize from BIMcollab.
  • Share issues with team members whether they are working with the same or different BIM tools through the BCF Managers. 
  • Create favorites to prepare lists of issues to be discussed in design review meetings. Favorites are personal but still synchronized and useable across the whole ecosystem.

All features of BIMcollab are supported, like private issues, notify, approval-workflow, filtering, favorites etc. The connection with the BIMcollab project can be saved into the ZOOM project file. This way you always have direct access to your issues together with your model setup.
Learn more about issue management workflow  
“What a difference the new BIMcollab ZOOM makes! My Surface still peaks at 4.2GB of RAM for BIMcollab ZOOM only, but remains workable and fast.”

Koen van Tartwijk
Project Manager, Byldis
At this moment we don't see what can be improved. The speed and the childishly simple interface of the software make BIMcollab ZOOM attractive.

Menno de Jong
Project Manager FORM

"Incredibly powerful viewer, and the smart views give me perfect insight into my projects."

Phillipe Dupond, Paris