Extra features in ZOOM Pro




Clash detection and group clashes 

Detect clashes in your BIM model and use clash grouping to avoid creating similar issues for identical clashes. Three different view modes allow you to create clear viewpoints.


Quantity listing

Review quantities stored in an IFC file and export these results. Select an operator and property per smart view and easily share them (with property listing) via BIMcollab.

Can I test clash detection without a PRO license?

No problem. This is how it works:

1| Connect BIMcollab ZOOM 3 to your join.bimcollab.com account.
2| Select the BIMcollab Example project.
3| You will then find a number of shared sample clash rules which you can use to try the clash detection feature.

I don't have a BIMcollab space

A license is required to use ZOOM Pro.

Every BIMcollab Space has a number of free ZOOM Pro -licenses available, depending on which plan is active. If you're already active in a BIMcollab Space, then you should first check with your space administrator if you have access to a multi user license.


If not, you can purchase a single user license hereBIMcollab ZOOM Pro

I have a BIMcollab space


Manage your license(s)

Every BIMcollab space has a number of ZOOM Pro -licenses available, depending which plan is active. Check with your space administrator: he/she can manage this.

Our 'How To - Administrator tasks' explains how to manage BIMcollab ZOOM Pro licenses in BIMcollab:

Read how to manage a ZOOM Pro license


Purchase extra license(s)

No more ZOOM Pro -licenses available? Then your administrator can purchase extra licenses via his/her administrator tab in the BIMcollab space.

Our 'How To - Installation' explains how to get a BIMcollab ZOOM Pro license in BIMcollab:

Read how to get a ZOOM Pro license

My license is already 'in use'

Do you already have a ZOOM Pro license, but it's 'in use'?

Then contact your BIMcollab space administrator to purchase additional licenses or to reassign the ones that aren't in use.

In case of questions, please contact our support team. You can also reach them by chat (bottom right corner).