ZOOM 3/Pro

Next generation of model validation
integrated with issue management


Detect, share, solve

The next generation of model validation has arrived with ZOOM 3 and ZOOM Pro.
Introducing clash detection, clash grouping, enhanced auto-coloring with quantity listing
and the sharing of smartviews and clash rules via BIMcollab. Completely integrated with issue management
Clash detection BIM model validation

Clash detection has arrived!

You can now use clash detection in ZOOM Pro. Visualize, group and report issues with ease and share everything (including clash rules) with your team via BIMcollab issue management.

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Share smart views

Share with your project team via drag and drop. No more outdated views. 


Single click annotations

Communication about properties via viewpoints and issues is drastically simplified with the new stamp tool.

ZOOM Pro Stamp Tool Annotations

Use clash grouping (Pro)

Avoid creating similar issues for identical clashes. Get more effective.


Creating smart views made easier

You can now easily chain several property requirements in smart views with 'And...' statements. Everyone can do it.

ZOOM Pro smart view creating

Use quantity listing (Pro)

List values by using basic functions as sum, average, min, and max on numerical properties like Base Quantities

Batch issue generation

When dealing with hundreds of clashes, the batch issue generation speeds up the proces of communicating clashes.

ZOOM Pro batch issue generation

Other improvements

  • Significant faster loading of IFC files (+25% on average)
  • Improved feedback and movement allows for accurate and intuïtive Section Plane positioning
  • Floorplans can now be enables/disabled in your view modes
  • Smart view auto color applied to ‘Any element’ will no longer apply to subparts in decomposed elements
  • Properties are now always sorted alphabetically in all dropdown menu’s
  • Update of geometry kernel to resolve geometrical problems
  • Several bugfixes

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BIMcollab ZOOM 3

Introducing smart view sharing and more...

The sharing of smart views is the answer for all users who want to share their model validation views with the entire project team. Working with outdated smart views and the tedious task of keeping everyone up-to-date with smart views is now history.

New key features

  • Faster loading of IFC files
  • Smart view sharing
  • Clash rule sharing
  • Stamptool for annotations
  • 'And...' statements for smart views

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BIMcollab ZOOM Pro

Introducing clash detection, clash grouping and more...

With ZOOM Pro we have made our next step in model validation. The clash detection goes further than just finding clashes. It enables you to visualize, group ánd report issues in the most convenient way.

New key features

  • Faster loading of IFC files
  • Clash detection
  • Clash grouping
  • Stamptool for annotations
  • 'And...' statements for smart views
  • Batch generation of issues
  • Quantity listing

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Free ZOOM Pro license(s) are a part of Starter, Connected and Enterprise Plans. If you have a BIMcollab Space with one of these plans, then talk to your administator for a ZOOM Pro license. He can also purchase more license via the administrator tab.

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If you don't have a BIMcollab Space, you can purchase a single user license on the right.

BIMcollab ZOOM Pro

Can I test clash detection without a PRO license?

No problem. This is how it works:

1| Connect BIMcollab ZOOM 3 to your join.bimcollab.com account.
2| Select the BIMcollab Example project.
3| You will then find a number of shared sample clash rules which you can use to try the clash detection feature.